Propane vs Natural Gas Grill

No matter whether you are using propane or natural gas for your grill, both have different restrictions and preferences.

The majority of the gas-oriented grills out there are being fuelled using propane. Yet, the growing culture of natural gas can’t be underestimated.

This means that propane gas or LP is no more the default fuel. People who want to pick the best gas grill have the option to either go for propane or natural gas as per their convenience.

For those who have just stepped into gas grilling and seem confused about whether to pick propane or pipeline, let’s have a comparison between the natural gas and propane gas.

Both have similar functions of providing energy power to heat up your grill but they perform differently.

Propane Gas vs Natural Gas

Gas can be the cheapest and easiest power source to run the grills. Moreover, it does not require you to have a long term cleaning process compared to charcoal counterparts.

But it comes in various forms of compressed, uncompressed, and liquid. Propane is extracted from natural gas through a process.

After that, it can be stored in a tank and you can connect it with your grill through a valve and regulator. Here you can go through the in-depth analysis of propane’s performing factors.


The amount of heat energy produced by the gas is measured in BTU, which stands for British thermal unit. The higher the BTU means the higher the performance.

The emission power of propane gas is 2,500 BTUs. This means that it can produce a quick and excessive amount of temperature for quick and timely cooking.

Natural gas can only produce 1000 BTUs. This means that propane is a powerful fuel source compared to natural gas.


When it comes to consumption of energy, propane being an expensive one yet consumes a lower amount of energy. The underground natural gas, as being inexpensive in most of the areas, burns more energy to produce heat.

This means that the consumption cost of natural gas is higher than the consumption cost of propane. Hence, buying a propane tank would definitely last you way longer than natural gas.

But natural gas comes through pipes from reservoirs so either it consumes more or less it would never end up in the middle of the process.


Propane and natural gas have their own convenient features to look upon. Propane or LP comes in a tank or burner that you can refill as per requirement.

Infect, the refilling of propane is available anywhere in town. The filling along with the tank will hardly cost you $ 50 whereas refilling can be done within an amount of $ 20.

Natural gas on the other hand requires you to have a proper setup. You need to hire a professional to expand the pipelines for gas availability where you want to place your grill.

This one-time cost can be way more expensive than purchasing a propane tank. But natural gas prevents you from constant refilling as you can run the grill anytime without having to check over the gas consumption and etc.


Propane gas tanks are the best option in terms of mobility. They are convenient and available in small portable sizes as well.

You can take it camping, hiking, and picnic for outdoor grilling. Besides this, the higher BTU works quite better in an outside environment.

But this is not the case with natural gas, as being attached to the main gas line you cannot move the grill easily.

Infect, it is even impossible to move your gas grill around. If mobility is not your major concern then, natural gas can be an affordable option.

Eco – Friendly

Propane and natural gas do not contain any kind of harmful substances. Besides this, using them as fuel does not produce ashes and debris which means that they are super eco-friendly burning fuel that anyone can have. 


The cost is the most important factor that highly marginalizes your decision-making. It affects in two ways, installation cost and consumption cost.

The installation cost for natural gas requires bucks in hiring professionals and purchasing materials.

Whereas the installation cost for propane is zero, all it wants you to have is a storage tank that you can refill and maintain to keep for years.

Now let’s have a look at consumption cost, the underground natural gas is cheaper and you can use it as much as you want.

Propane comes in tanks hence; you have to keep a constant check over the consumption. When it comes to the consumption cost in some areas gas seems expensive compared to propane.

Therefore, natural gas, give it a little town survey to find the actual consumption cost before installation.

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Advantages of Propane Gas

Propane is a suitable source in numerous ways. let’s have a look at some of its advantages

  • It can produce BTUs up to 2500
  • Can be used anywhere you want
  • Installation is not required
  • Comes in a storage tank to refill
  • Available in towns anywhere

Drawbacks of Propane Gas

  • Expensive than natural gas
  • Requires constant refilling

Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural gas is easily available, especially in cities. Hence, it can be the changing agent in Urban grilling and smoking. Let’s have some natural gas advantages.

  • Environment-friendly fuel type
  • Cheaper source compared to propane
  • Reliable in long term grilling
  • Abundant and always available

Drawbacks of Natural Gas

  • Installation requires professionals
  • Installation cost can cause you bucks
  • Can’ be moved for outdoor grilling

Which One is Best?

Choosing the best gas type seems a little hard to pick, as both sources have their own significance in grilling.

Therefore, it depends on an individual’s level of convenience. There are few factors to look upon before choosing a fuel type.

Natural gas can be suitable for those living in an area where you can experience excessive natural gas coming from pipes.

Calculate the expenses of both sources before starting the process. if natural gas is excessively available and causes you fewer bucks then go for it.

Here is another factor to look upon that is portability. The best natural gas grill can’t be portable, if you are planning to have a picnic and outdoor grilling then propane is the great option in terms of portability.

But it lacks in affordability as some if you can’t afford to have constant refilling for big BBQ parties.

Final Observation

Whether it’s propane gas or natural one both have the same results when it comes to cooking.

Once you have turned the valve on both works in almost similar ways on the grill. so, it all depends on your convenience, if you think propane suits your outdoor grilling then go for it.

If the affordability and availability of natural gas attract you to have the same caramelized, tenderized, and juicy food then sacrificing the portability would be a bad choice.    

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