Pellet Grill vs Gas Grill – A Comparison

More than ever, people have started taking interest in grilling foods in their backyard. This trend is on rising by each passing season and has turned into an unannounced barbecue competition among neighbors.

But the only problem is enthusiasm won’t provide you delicious/crispy cooking results, you need to have a perfect cooking tool. A cooking appliance that not only gives you the best results but proves his dominance in your backyard.

Pallet or Gas grills are the easiest options for most of you, to completely handle your fish, meat, chicken, or steaks. yet both have the same purpose but they perform differently.

Here’s a comparison of pallet grills vs. gas grills so you can find out which works best for you.

Pellet Grills vs Gas Grills – Which is Better?

Back in the day, choosing a grill was never an epic task. But as soon as the manufacturers diverted their attention to grills, markets have been flooded with so many designs, shapes, and modifications.

With so much upgrade and improved technology, the debate has come around to Pellet Grill vs Gas Grill – which one is best to choose.

Pellet Grills

Pellet grills are defined as the most convenient method of cooking. It’s the easiest and simplest way to grill your food slowly at low temperatures.

You just need to set the desired temperature on a digital controller and let the grill cook the meal for you.

In addition to the grill, these models offer you an extra experience of barbecue, roasting, and even smoking.

To keep their popularity among consumers, these products have adopted every technology to keep up the competition, digital control systems are one of the examples.

Moreover, pellets are made of compacted wood or sawdust but they add a smoky flavor to your food that you can’t get anywhere else.

Why do we love it?

After giving you a little introduction to pellet grills let’s go down to the details of its functions and cooking methods.

Temperature Range and Control

Temperature plays the most effective role in any cooking appliance; pellet grills are able to reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

But keeping in view the basic function, these grills are meant to cook your food at a low temperature.

This temperature range somehow limits your cooking choice and recipes require more than 500 degrees.

Ease of Use

Pallet grill cooks your food in three steps, fill up the hopper with pellets, place your food on the grill, and set the temperature on an electronic controller now sit back and wait for your food.

Operating Costs

To ignite a pellet grill, you certainly need two elements, electricity and wood pellets.

You need constant electricity whereas the consumption of pellets depends upon the size of the grill and the temperature you are required to cook, either its low or high temperature. Pellets are usually made of sawdust.


You will find pellet grills versatile in its cooking nature, it allows you to smoke, bake, roast, and grill all in one unit.

Pellet comes in a variety of flavors you can’t ignore while burning; they produce lots of smoke that directly ends up in food with natural aromas of hardwood pellets.

Ease of Clean

Barbequing always ends up with mess either in the form of ash or drippings from the food inside the cooking chamber.

Pallet Grill surfaces are easy to clean like any other but due to pellets burning ash keeps it dirty, cleaning the fire pot after every use is advised.


The perks of having a pellet grill do come with a higher initial price tag. You may prepare yourself to pay at least 400$ for a quality pellet grill and take it at a reasonable price.


Nothing ever created is perfect. There is always some satisfaction we can’t get. Few glitches in these grills can’t be ignored.

This grill limits its usage for camping unless you have a generator to provide electricity.

And you also require to keep extra pellets for emergencies because they are not as easily available around the corner as charcoal.

  • Easy to maintain a constant temperature
  • Grillers can perform as smoker and oven
  • The cleanup process is way easier
  • Wood pellets add smoky wood flavor to food
  • Electronic temperature control settings
  • Comes in more traditional designs
  • Different types of pellets available for smoke and flavor
  • Comparatively expensive to its counterparts
  • Not suitable for camping
  • Temperature limitation is up to 450 degrees
  • The extra effort requires to clean up ash
  • Smoke flavor can only be achieved below 250 degrees

Final Views

Pellet Grills are always rumored to be more expensive than its rivals but even with the high price tags this grill covers more than just grilling food.

Generally, pellet grill models are always advanced in technology, proving to be simple and easy to use. It’s the most perfect cooking appliance for your backyard parties.

No doubt about it that Pellet Grill is best overall!

But don’t make up your mind without giving a chance to the other grill. Creators have put up their efforts to make it a user-friendly household product.

Let’s discuss the amazing features of the Gas Grills. Let’s get to it:

Gas Grills

Gas grills are usually the most common and popular grills you can find in selling stores and neighboring backyards. These cart-shaped grills only use gas fuel to run. If you are planning to cook ribeye, hamburgers and hot dogs gas grill will be a good choice.

The features that attract the user are its quick rising in temperature, low cost, and excessively available which makes it convenient to cook any type of food.

Numerous brands have come to launch their own gas grill, with such rivalry you get multiple options with cooking space, temperature, number of burners, and different price ranges.

Why do we love it?

To save your time from reading lots of different reviews, let me just narrate to you the most distinct and notable features for better understanding.
Temperature Range

Gas Grills have no problem in reaching temperature up to 700 degrees thus giving you options to cook food items that require high temperature.

These are also capable of providing as low as 225 degrees for slow cooking.

Temperature Control

As fast as these grills reach your desired temperature controlling it is a manual process. Without digital temperature and less insulation retaining heat is a monitoring task, you will need your hands-on knobs to alter the flow of gas in the burner.

Ease of Use

A gas grill does not require you to start a fire manually. Just turn on the gas supply and press the button the temperature will reach within 10 minutes and your gas grill is all ready to serve you.


Gas Grill is not meant for slow and low cooking, this creates barriers for a lot of cooking styles such as baking and roasting.

Gas burners are tasteless and they cannot impart any flavor in food, adding wood chips for smoke may enhance a little flavor but not a traditional one.

Operating Costs

Gas fuel consumption directly depends upon the number of burners and how high or low your temperature is.

Pouring some water on propane tank areas that are cold shows the propane level in the tank thus giving you the idea to refill before cooking or not.

Another option is natural gas grills, they are cheapest and highly available through your gas pipelines.

You don’t need them to refill as all it requires little amount in terms of installation.

For further details, you can check out our article on Propane vs natural gas grills.

Ease of Clean

While using gas fuel, you do not expect to clean a lot of dirt or burnt ash. You cannot overlook the easy cleanup process inside grill components.

Flavorizer Bars will catch dripping food and fat. Just keep the cooking surface clean for your next use, for this most of the gas grills come with drip trays that you put in the dishwasher to wash them.


The price will be a major factor in making a choice but the low price does come with compromises. You can find one within your budget and with some extra cash you can build up a high-tech grill.

The number of burners also affects the cost. Propane in this regard seems a little expensive compared to natural gas grills.


Keeping a propane gas tank in your house or any place may cause a great fire hazard.

Even if you are connected to a direct gas line it will be dangerous to use a simple leakage of gas that can result in an explosion.

  • Easy to use a cooking appliance
  • Faster in reaching the high temperature
  • Cleanup is easy and no ash or coal left to clean
  • Provides high temperature up to 700 degrees
  • Gas fuel is cheap and easily available
  • You can find various stylish designs
  • All sort of accessories can customize the grill
  • Flavor options not available
  • Gas fire hazard is always there
  • Maintaining temperature for smoking can be tricky

Final Views

If you like your meal to be cooked up quickly with not much of a smokey flavor, your preferences of food are of high temperature and you don’t want a lot of mess to clean up after cooking you will definitely want a gas grill. Its wide range of prices may help you more in selection.

Now we have discussed both the grill in detail lets get straight to the conclusion.

Which one is right for you to buy?

Well, all the factors regarding cooking functions and the main features of these grills are explained to you in the best possible way. The Pellet Grill and the Gas Grill.


Using all the data you have to decide which one is best for you. So, considering all major aspects like price tag, running time, durability, and function, I have come to the conclusion that Pellet Grill is way better than Gas Grill.

Hold On:

Nobody is denying the capability of a gas smoker. Both appliances are equally effective but some products are always superior to others.

Nonetheless, multirole pellet grills add value to its price tag.

Gas fuel cooking is more like cooking on a regular stove, whereas pellet grills offer you versatility with low-temperature slow cooking.

So, to sum up, we can say both grillers are better in their own terms, but if you finally purchase one of them, choose the pellet grill with greater confidence.

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