How to Grill Steak on a Charcoal Grill

Grilling steak on a Charcoal is a bit of a time-consuming activity compared to gas and the electric one. Still, many of us never mind this time taking process especially if it turned out into a delicate juicy steak.

To achieve the most delicate steak results from your charcoal grill you need to be super conscious of these guidelines. Especially for the beginners who want to learn how to grill steak on a charcoal grill this post can be helpful in various ways.

Best Way to Grill Steak on a Charcoal Grill

Getting into further procedures let me showcase what you are going to learn through this post.

  • Choosing meat cuts for a perfect grilling outcome
  • Required accessories to operate a charcoal grill
  • How to grill steak on a charcoal grill
  • Safety guidelines to handle grilling over charcoal

How to Choose Meat for Grilling Charcoal Steak?

So, to have the best charcoal steaks, you need to be conscious enough while picking up meat cuts. This is because a grilling steak on charcoal highly depends upon the type of meat you are planning to grill.

First, avoid choosing thin pieces, as the thick cuts seem more vulnerable to direct heat. As result, they turned out overcooked and dry from inside.

Thick meat cuts can face direct heat and never face the problem of overcooking on high heat. Infect high heat caramelized the outer crust. Due to thickness, the inside of the grill is protected from getting overcooked.

Besides this, the interior of the steak manages to retain the moist and juicy texture even after being exposed to direct heat. For this, the best suitable types are T-bone and ribeye.

Another aspect you should look upon is fat. As it is an important element that is credited to provide you tender and juicy steak from inside.

Let me remind you, the flavor of your steak depends upon the amount of fat your steak has. Make sure that the steak you have chosen should possess intramuscular fat lines through it.

How to Pick Accessories to Operate a Charcoal Grill?

Grilling steak on charcoal seems hefty but it’s not. It can give you tough times only when you are less prepared. Hence, it’s important to keep the required accessories before stepping over a charcoal grill. Especially if you are a beginner make sure to have them all.

Here is the list!

  1. Charcoal oriented grill
  2. Chimney to burn the charcoals
  3. Spices for seasoning
  4. Digital thermometer
  5. Briquette wood chips optional
  6. Perfect piece of meat

How to Grill Steak on a Charcoal Grill?

steak on a charcoal grill

Charcoal grilling is a little hard to achieve, but the flavor that you opt to use charcoal has no match found in the BBQ world.

That’s the reason for which charcoal grilling after thousands of years yet manages to stand a step ahead.

If you want to have perfectly grilled steak out of your charcoal grill let’s follow these steps and become a master in charcoal grilling.

For frozen steaks, rest it for 20 minutes at room temperature for a fast grilling process. Resting frozen steak at room temperature also ensures you evenly cooking.

So, how to grill steak on a charcoal grill? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Season the Steak

Seasoning is essential as being initial because perfect seasoning retains the natural flavor. Every BBQ enthusiast has its own priorities when it comes to seasoning but keeping it simple is preferable.

For thick steaks that fix the criteria of perfect grilling, just season it with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.

Rest the steak for 15 minutes after seasoning, let the steak dissolve spices. Resting also helps in the fast cooking of steaks.

If you find a piece of fat appears over the steak, trim it before slapping over the steak. This is because fat catches fire which can get you flare-ups.

Step 2: Prepare a Charcoal

After seasoning the steak, the second step is to light up the charcoal in the chimney. For this purpose, fill up your chimney and start a fire from the ground of the chimney using starter fluid.

If you don’t have the required charcoal starters you may begin with the newspaper as well. It’s a little time-consuming but safer than going for a harmful one.

One of the charcoals inside the chimney is fired, spreading them inside the grill. Don’t forget to wear gloves while dumping the chimney!

Wait! Don’t you want additional flavors to your steak? For this, we would suggest adding Kingsford hardwood charcoal briquettes to develop a delicate smoky flavor in your steak.

Another benefit of using hardwood is that they produce a very minimum amount of ashes.

Step 3: Two-zone Grilling Surface

Your grill should have prepared for two types of heat settings. Direct and indirect heat, direct heat is a zone where you first place your steak. The direct heat helps in creating a crispy surface. Indirect heat is used to cook the steak from inside.

High heat area is used as direct heat whereas lower area can be used as indirect heat. Place your steak on direct heat for searing, if you want to have a crispy and caramelized outer crust of your charcoal steak.

Step 4: Grill your Seasoned Steak

Your grate has reached the temperature and put the steak on a direct heat zone. Sear each side for up to 5 minutes.

Once you have seared for 10 minutes on both sides you can add optional seasoning if you want. Or if you have missed something you can add after searing.

Now shift your steak to an indirect heat zone. Keep monitoring the temperature of the meat with a digital thermometer. You can close the lid to retain heat for evenly cooking.

Cook steak until it has got your required Doneness.

Here is a table to manage

Step 5: Rest for Better Absorption

Once you have opted for the required result, place the steak on resting for 5 minutes. You can place steak on a cutting board for resting as resting helps to absorb the juice and tenderize the steak to serve.

For serving purposes, you may smoke vegetables or onion rings to garnish the steak platter.

How to Grill Steak on a Charcoal Grill Using a Thermometer?

The thermometer helps in monitoring steak temperature until you are satisfied with the result. We have shared some of your readings for the best grilling steak on charcoal.

  • Rare: 130 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 54 °C)
  • Medium rare: 135 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 57 °C)
  • Medium: 145 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 63 °C)
  • Medium well: 150 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 66 °C)
  • Well done: 160 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 71 °C)

Charcoal Grilling Safety Tips

Charcoal oriented grills need careful handling. For some people using charcoal is nothing less than a havoc experience.

But believe me, if you tight up properly and follow a few tips you will never end up having even slight trouble.

If you are new to charcoal grilling you must follow these safety tips for a humble beginning and smooth running.

Tip 1: Place your Grill in an Open Area

Before starting the process, round around and pick up a super ventilated area to place your grill.

Make sure that the area you have picked has a 4 to 5 feet (1.52 m) distance from the sitting area.

Keep attending to your grill throughout the process. Are you planning to grill in the backyard? Avoid placing the grill near trees or hanging branches.

Tip 2: Choose Suggested Charcoal Fluid

Some of us light up charcoal starters by using quick but harmful fluid for example petrol.

Using harmful fluids raises the risk factor. According to the NFPA report, in absence of recommended charcoal fluid, use the newspaper to starter the charcoal chimney.

According to the NFPA report, in the absence of recommended fluid use paper as starter fluid to make sure safe and secure handling.

Tip 3: Keep a Fire Extinguisher

Imagine you are grilling and strong flair-ups hit the grate. If it catches the nearby tree or dry grass, chances are you may suffer more than your imagination.

But you don’t need to be worry anymore, all you need to have a fire extinguisher to down the fire. You don’t have one you can use these tips.

Keep a bottle of water with you, whenever you experience flair-ups you can control by spraying water over it.

Another tip is using baking soda, as the fire got up to grates spread soda over it.

Tip 4: Make the Distance Between the Grill and Sitting Area

Your sitting point should be 4 to 5 feet (1.52 m) away from the grill. If anything happens to the grill it won’t cause severe damages to your loved ones. Especially keep kids away from the grill.

Another benefit is that your luggage and grill would have moderate distance and fire would not catch their surroundings easily.

Tip 5: Clean your Grill After Each Use

In last, cleaning is the most important thing that reduces the chances of damages to your grill. Give it enough consideration, after each run clean in properly as it doesn’t invest much of your time.

Cleaning charcoal seems a bit time taking as it takes hours to get cold down. For a fast clean-up process, you can after removing the grate put water to cool down the grill. Water will reduce maximum retention of heat and you can carry on with the cleaning.

Concluding Remarks

That’s all you need to follow a few steps to cook perfectly grilled charcoal steaks within half an hour.

If you already have charcoal that’s cool! Give it a try. For those who haven’t bought it yet, you can check out the weber original kettle grill for simple and easy handling.

Don’t forget to adopt pre and post-grilling safety measures for a smooth grilling experience.

To share any point that we haven’t mentioned here regarding tips and steps, let us know in a comment box down below.

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