How to Grill Frozen Steak

Attending leftover frozen steak seems to be a hefty and time-consuming procedure. Many of us end up using them all in a single run instead of putting them into the refrigerator. This is because few of us have proper knowledge of how grilling frozen steak turns into an amazing tenderized juicy steak to serve.

Grilling frozen steak inquires you to have step by step guidelines to get the utmost grilling results. After reading this out I am sure you must be thinking about how to grill a frozen steak? Do you have leftover frozen meat in the refrigerator? You are advised to go through this steak guide post to have a perfect grilling result.

Why do we need to cook frozen steak?

Frozen steaks can be left for a few hours to thaw. After this transformation from froze to unfroze, our meat can be steak using normal grilling methods. Why then do we need to work on frozen meat? Surprisingly, frozen steaks even turned out way better than any other steak. The crisp on the surface, and pinkish interior could be achieved only when putting frozen meat cuts on grill.

Imagine, you have guests next to your doorstep and the only thing you have in your fridge is a frozen steak to serve them. For sure, you would not have time to leave the meat for a thaw. Take your meat, turn on the grill, and follow these steps to grill frozen steak.

What do you need to have for a perfect Frozen Steak?

Frozen steak ends up in an amazingly delicate and juicy steak to serve. This perfection in grilling frozen steak comes at a price, which means that you need some equipment to achieve this perfection. For this purpose,

  • You must have a fully functioning thermometer to keep a check on meats’ temperature during direct or indirect grilling.
  • Readout thermometer seems way better than the alarm, as they provide you with a quick assessment on the LED.
  • Two – Zone fire grill is indispensable when it comes to grilling Frozen steak. One can be used for direct heat and another zone for indirect heat.
  • Properly freeze meat cuts for crispy, juicy, and tenderized steak results. Make sure that the meat you are freezing should be packed in sealing.

How to grill frozen steak?

Perfect Freeze meat cut

In order to acquire the most grilling results, make sure that your steak is placed on a plain surface. For this purpose, store your steak in baking paper in the refrigerator. Never let your meat cut out of the freezer for a long time. As if the steak gets thawed it can get overcooked or even the exterior could get black burn spots. Freezer burn is a problem that might strike your grilling results. To avoid it, put your meat cuts in an icebox. Seal them in proper storage bags extracting air out of it.

Size of the steak

According to experts, the results of frozen steak depend upon the size you are using to grill. Thick meat cuts like Ribeye and T-bone are highly recommended as they can fulfill the requirement of 11/2 inches (ca. 5 cm). Think meat cuts like ribs, skirts, and flanks when they are exposed to high temperatures can get overcooked.

Required two- grilling zones

Once you have a perfect frozen steak, the next step is to set up a required heat. When it comes to frozen steak make sure to have both areas for direct heat and low heat area for indirect or slow cooking. Direct heat can reach the temperature up to 2500-degree Fahrenheit whereas the temperature over low or indirect heat can get a maximum of 300-degree Fahrenheit.

You can achieve both heats set up on your grill. This process is known as two zone-fire. To achieve this setting on the grill you can use the half grill for direct and another half for indirect. Don’t forget you need to have both settings especially when you are dealing with frozen meat cuts.

Sear frozen steak on direct heat

Direct heat or high heat is needed to create crisp on both sides of the steak. Hence, to have a proper perfect crispy exterior you need to keep the steak on direct flame for about 5 minutes for each side. High heat is used to turn crispy texture which means that the direct heat is not going to cook the steak entirely. For proper evenly cooking indirect heat is indispensable.

Seasoning over frozen steak

Some of us make a very common mistake when it comes to seasoning the frozen steak. We season the steak before putting it over a grill or if I say before searing. This is the wrong way for seasoning because the spices that we put over steak could get burned on high heat. In order to retain spicy taste and smell out of spices, you should season them just after searing.

The type of seasoning depends upon the flavor you want. If you are grilling something for kids or aged guests keep seasoning simple and limited to a few spices like salt and pepper. Don’t overload your steak with spices, as it will retain the amazing original flavor inside the smoke.

Cook seared steak on indirect heat

Indirect heat is required to cook your frozen steak at a low heat temperature. Low heat temperature helps in retaining the juice inside the steak. While cooking the interior of the steak on low heat, ensure you perfectly evenly cook along with a pinkish look. On a small electric smoker, low heat not only provides you with an evenly cooked interior to infect, but it also keeps the moistness of the steak secure.

Monitor the temperature

Perfect results ensure you have perfect monitoring of the steak. For this purpose, you need to have an external meat thermometer to monitor the inside temperature of the steak. There are two kinds of thermometer: wireless meat thermometer and an instant-read meat thermometer. If you don’t own an external thermometer then you should strictly keep an eye over the temperature readout given on the grill.

Rest for five minutes

Once you have acquired the desired pull temperature out of the steak, rest the steak on low medium temperature for up to 5 minutes. Resting is important for the steak to absorb the juice that reaches out to the steak surface area. Once the steak is settled you can start preparing for the next step that is serving it.

Serve the steak

Serving food in stylish ways multiplies the desire to eat it. Hence, it has become an art, while serving steak you have multiple options to serve it. You can better serve it with fried rice, steak sausage, and fried vegetables on another side of the platter.

Things to avoid while grilling frozen steaks

Being human, we may make mistakes especially when we are going to have experimented in life. Grilling frozen steak especially for beginners can be hard to achieve and little error can affect the results. Hence, to avoid the chances of getting into havoc, make sure to not repeat these things while grilling frozen steaks.

Choosing think to meet cuts

Thick steaks are exposed to high heat and their interior can get overcooked. To prevent your steak from getting overcooked or burning spots on the surface always choose thick meat cuts. Keep a check on the thickness and 11/ 2 is standard frozen steak size. You can also choose according to the size of your grill.

Seasoning before searing

Many of us make this common mistake of seasoning the meat before pouring it over a grill. Seasoning should always be done after searing.

As it is achieved using direct heat or even on fire and spices that you have used for seasoning may burn at high temperature. Infect spices lose their originality when they are cooked over a temperature of more than 400-degree Fahrenheit. The perfect seasoning time is just after searing the steak on direct heat. Before pouring it over indirect heat put salt and pepper or anything you want to for seasoning.

Starting from low heat

The purpose of the low heat zone is to ensure evenly cooking of the steak. It also helps to retain the inside moisture. Whereas to form crisp and caramelized the outer part high heat is recommended. Never go for low heat at the beginning as searing is necessary to start for frozen steaks. Once the searing is done at high heat now you can shift the steak towards the low heat zone.

Never letting steak to rest

Some don’t have an understanding of resting the steak at below the required temperature. Once you have reached pull temperature resting steak on lowest would help to absorb the juices for perfect moist steak in dinner. Resting should never ever skip if you want your grill to turn into perfect juicy and tenderized steak.


Grilling something is less time-consuming especially when you are out of time and energy. Grilling frozen steak saves your time and preparing it with little attention delivers you best out of it. I would highly recommend you to try this out on your next week’s dinner.

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