Grilling Safety Tips You Need To Know

Lacking in a safety grill can turn your fun moments into a curse. However, modernization has simplified concepts of traditional grilling, and chances of getting into havoc are possibly lower. However, safety is a reality that can’t be underestimated, especially when you are dealing with something like fire.

Hence, to avoid the probability of getting a thermal injury or any other mishap, you need to have proper safety grilling tips and precautions.

Grills can get extremely hot and cause you thermal burns, or if you are spending time outdoors, the fire can catch nearby trees.

The following guide is especially brought into operation for you to have a safe and secure grilling procedure for you, and you’re loved ones. Before proceeding any further towards tips, we want you to check the latest NFPA statistics out.

Basic Facts You Need to Know

According to the statistics of the National Fire Protection Association, almost 64% of American households own grills. Out of the 61 % have their Charcoal oriented grills to be used as backyard or patio grilling. The remaining 3% owns propane and electricity. Gas grills are more vulnerable to fire burns compared to Charcoal.

The National Fire and Protection Association issues an annual report showing statistics of reported thermal burns and fire incidents due to less precautionary measures. According to NFPA’s website, almost 10,600 homes in America suffer from grilling incidents. 19,700 people get injuries causing fire and thermal burns. The events got to its peak in July.

10 Best Grilling Safety Tips

NFPA says that charcoal seems to have been less vulnerable compared to gas grills. This does not mean that having a charcoal grill won’t require you grilling safety tips. Adequate measures are an integral part of any grilling type, whether its Charcoal or propane. This practically tested base article has sufficient grilling safety tips to avoid house fires. No matter what the grilling type you are having at home, it’s electric smoker, gas grill, or charcoal. All you need to go through them before starting up your first risk-free grilling adventure.

1. Proper Ventilation

Make sure that your grill has proper ventilation from the surroundings. Keep distance from buildings, and fire-friendly areas like bushes, trees, and even traffic. Sufficient ventilation ensures the smooth running of your grill, especially for propane and Charcoal. Proper airflow helps in taming the fire, and if sudden flare-ups occur, it can be easily overcome if the area has adequate ventilation.

2. Flame Extinguish measures

A fire extinguisher is an important thing to keep especially when you are about to grill. However, if you don’t have one then you can follow these tips to start your backyard grilling.

  • Keep water bottle

Keep a bottle of water with you in case of flare-ups, you can down the flame with spraying over it. This is going to be the best tip ever to control flares at the initial stage. Moreover, using water won’t impact the taste of your food inside the grill.

  • Use baking Soda

Another tip is to keep baking soda with you, in case of a grease burn outspread baking soda. Using baking soda will help to control the fire from further spreading.

3. Avoid harmful Fluid for Charcoal Starter

Most of the incidents happen due to harmful fuels used to flame up the charcoal chimneys. Hence, avoid using such ways and always go for a proper charcoal starter fluid that is recommended. If you don’t own recommended charcoal fluid, then use the newspaper as fluid as recommended by NFPA. When it comes to propane you have to go for gas as there are no alternative fluids necessary for gas grills. Charcoal grilling safety tips can be way safer for you and your loved ones.

4. Use propane and Charcoal only for outdoor grilling

Charcoal and propane grills should be used only for outdoor grilling. This is because they have engineered serving for backyard, patio, and camping. As per NFPA 27% of grilling, incidents occur in gardens due to hanging branches of trees and dry grace. Before installing the grill, and once the process is started, attend your grill properly and keep an eye on everything around.

5. Proper inspection of a gas tank

Mostly house burns happen due to propane gas tanks. Due to the hose that might get leakage, especially if you are using it after so long. Hence, there is a tip to check if the hose is getting any leakage. This is a verified suggestion backed by NFPA. Prepare a soap and water solution and apply it over the hose. If the tube is getting bubbles, there could be gas leakage. For confirmation, you can smell or test the bubble with a burning match. Once the hose leakage is confirmed, call a professional and get the leakage problem done before starting the process.

6. Keep children away

Make sure the proper distance of almost three feet between Charcoal grill and your family sitting point. Especially for kids, who seem to be quite excited and always find ways to participate in grilling fun. Distance between grill and sitting point enables you to keep an eye over everything surrounding. Besides this, if something happens to rack, your loved ones should be in a safe zone.

7. Proper Cleaning

Cleaning seems to have been the most important among all grilling safety tips. Don’t rush for cleaning because the grill requires sufficient time to cool down. Hence, rushing to clean up just after could be harmful. If you are using a charcoal grill, you can make a few tips to cool down the unit as soon as possible. Remove the grates and stir the coal to release some heat. Then put water that will ultimately release the entire heat inside the fuel.

While cleaning the unit, make sure to properly clean up the grease and fat spots from the entire group. The ashtray also needs to be appropriately cleaned up before the next session. Proper cleaning ensures safety and longevity to internal components that, in return, reduce the chances of flares up and even thermal burns.

8. Anti heat probes/gloves

During or after the operation, make sure to have proper anti-heat probes, especially gloves for secure handling. Unprofessional ways of handling the grills cause most of the injuries. Charcoal, we should keep in mind that they take a lot more time to cool down even after completion of grilling sessions. Hence, keep wearing gloves during cleaning and prevent yourself from getting into trouble.

9. Use perfect sized utensils

Always prefer utensils that feature long handles. The long handle prevents your hands from getting intensive heat and smoke. Besides this, make sure to have wood or glass fiber coating over the handle.

10. keep control over the fire

Keeping the fire under control is probably the most important tip to avoid any food burns or flare-ups. For this purpose, you need to follow several tips to keep the fire under your control. Make a proper distance between the grate and the coal-burning area if the fire reaches over the grate spray water to down the flame. If water is not available you can stir the coal as we know stirring reduces during power to control the fire.

Things to avoid during the grilling process

Grilling is not an easy job, along with following grilling safety tips, it requires you to avoid a few common mistakes. If these mistakes are not avoided then can put you in trouble.
Keeping the gas grill closed while turning on the gas valve.

Never do it if you have a propane gas grill. Always keep in mind that before turning on the gas valve, make sure that your grill is entirely open. This is because the closed restaurant will retain the gas inside, and flaming the unit could cause your face to burn.

Paying less attention to grill

It happens mainly in camping or picnic points where we have to participate in other fun activities. If you are responsible for grilling, then make sure to have it as your priority. It is proper care and time because, if the little loophole is ignored or not given appropriate attention could turn into a massive fire.

Overloading meat

Some users overload the grates with sufficient meat cuts. The overloading causes fat reduction which in return produces intensive flare-ups. You are planning to have a backyard grilling keep a decent amount of meat over the grate.

Using unit for indoor grilling

According to the NFPA majority of the grill, incidents happen due to indoor grilling. If you are planning to have indoor grilling, then never plan to do it with propane and charcoal grills. They are manufactured to accomplish outdoor grilling purposes. As proper ventilation is only possible when using it outdoors.


Grilling is an adventure since when our ancestors preferred living in caves to prevent themselves from harsh weather conditions and wild beasts. Keeping this universal traditional cuisine of our forefathers is nothing less than pride for people living across the globe. Hence, keeping this tradition safe and smooth we are bound to follow the safety grilling tips for a healthy grilling experience.

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