6 Best Small Electric Smoker – Buyers’ guide

Space management needs enough consideration before purchasing appliances with bulk design. When it comes to electric smokers, we generally view them like giant machines requiring enough installation area. But that’s not true. Electric smokers are available in various sizes and they are powerful enough to turn your smoke journey into a memorable one.

 Hence to amaze your thirst we have gathered some industry-leading small sized electric smokers.

If you are on your way to finding the best small electric smoker to fit in your limited place then this article can be quite helpful for you.

Going through this article you can find out the number of indoors and outdoors electric smokers in your desired size.

I believe without wasting a minute just check it out and pick up your desired size.

Our best overall Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio-2-Portable Electric Smoker is all here at a very affordable price.

6 Best Small Electric Smoker

NameSpace# of racksWattsPrice
Masterbuilt MB20073716N/A2 racks1400 watt
Char-Broil16lbswhole box750 watt
Presto 06014N/A1 wide rack500 watt
Smokehouse Mini Chief15 Pound3 racks250 Watt
Smokin-It Model #1 22lbs3 racks400 watt
Char-Broil Vertical505 square3 racks1500 watt

1. Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio-2-Portable Electric SmokerMasterbuilt MB20073716 Patio-2-Portable Electric Smoker, Black

You must be familiar with the name of Masterbuilt If you have gone through a little search before landing over there. This is because Masterbuilt is credited to have been producing a series of best seller products in terms of electric smokers. Hence their Patio 2 is a powerful smoker in such a small size.

Let’s have a look at their Patio-2 Portable Electric Smoker.

Important Features you need to know:

Despite being a mini sized smoker it features 1400 watt of the heating element. This means that, no matter what the size is, you can enjoy a variety of meats without having temperature issues. Moreover, it features a built-in temperature gauge which makes the smoking consistent up to the next level.

Besides this, the analog temperature control features a very easy setup analog system. This provides a dial system that you can easily control or set up for the required temperature.

When it comes to the cooking area Masterbuilt Patio-2 is enough spacious to cater to the smoked needs of a middle sized household. This unit is equipped with 2 adjustable racks that allow you to smoke the entire turkey, two middle-sized racks of ribs, and 1 pork butt just in a single go.

Besides this, for the ease of transport and storage, this mini electric smoker features folded legs made up of steel. These legs are robust and durable. Hence the design of legs keeps the unit quiet upward so you don’t need to bow down much.

I love this unit a lot due to it’s easy to clean nature. Buying this unit won’t bother you during clean up. As you can remove all the components to wash them properly. Beside this you can better wash the unit with vinegar or simple detergent.

Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio-2-Portable Electric Smoker, Black (1)

  • Features 800 watt of heating element
  • 2 Chrome coated racks provide you enough space
  • Analog temperature control helps in monitoring temperature
  • Folded legs for hassle free mobility
  • Sometime temperature requires constant monitoring
Why should you buy this?

Buying master built little champ would only require a little space if you have space issues. Besides this, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor smoking purposes. Enough heating power of 800 watts and quite a spacious unit at such a reasonable price proves to be your best smoke partner ever.  

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2. Char-Broil Simple Smoker with Smart Chef TechnologyChar-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology

Our second best pick comes from the house of Char- Broil. This mini smoker due to its advanced technological features is among the best products with 4.5 stars rating

Let’s have a look to explore more about Char Broil Simple Smoker.

Important features that you need to know:

This unit despite having a very small size is equipped with high tech features. These features can bloom your cooking experience up to the next level. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced, this unit is so easy to operate.

This smoker is connected with Wi-Fi. Hence wifi connectivity allows your smoker to keep a check on the internal temperature, cooking timings along with chamber temperature. Moreover, buying char broil would not bother you to peek on the temperature gauge.

It does not end here! This unit is also equipped with SmartCheif technology. This means that now you can sync smart chief technology with your device. Besides this, the integrated meat probe enables you to get the latest updates of your meat remotely without sticking next to your smoker.

Moreover, this unit features a front-facing smoker box. This means that it does not require any front door or cooking racks. It has a cooking box which you can load and put it back without any trouble of smoke or temperature escape.

This cooking box is spacious enough to smoke the baby back ribs, Pork buts and turkey. Hence buying Char Broil SmartChef can be great value for money due to it’s extremely user friendly interface featuring jack for meat probe and very simple on/off buttons.

Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology (1)

  • Enables you to connect with Wi-Fi for convenient temperature control
  • SmartCheif technology keeps you updated
  • Compact and unique design helps in preventing smoke or temperature escape
  • Extremely user friendly interface for easy operation
  • According to some customers this unit does not fit best for temperature up to 30.
 Why should you buy this?

Char Broil can prove to be the best small meat smoker due to its amazing high tech features. Besides this, buying this unit would no longer bother you to inspect the cooking due to its SmartChief technology. I believe this smoker can enjoy your outings without worrying about smoking. 

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3. Presto 06014 Indoor Electric Smoker, 6 QT, CamoPresto 06014 Indoor Electric Smoker, 6 QT, Camo

Presto is best known for producing high quality indoor appliances with a sturdy and robust design to beat its market competitors. Their Presto 06014 electric smoker is powerful enough to cater to all of your indoor smoking jobs.

Let’s have a look some of its amazing features

Important Features you need to know:

Most amazing thing about this smoker is that it features a digital touchpad. Hence no matter which smoke you require, it can give you both hot and cold smoke at the same time. Now you can enjoy a variety of wood items at your home all you have to buy is Presto 06014.

Besides this, this unit comes with a charring cup for wood chips. This charring cup is made up of stainless steel so you don’t need to be worried about the longevity of the unit.

When it comes to cooking space, this unit features a single wide rack along with three-tier giving you a hassle free placement into the smoker. Besides this, it features 500 watts of heating element that is more than enough to smoke large meat cuts, pork, chicken, and seafood.

This unit also features digital timer control. This timer control helps in keeping a check over cooking times. One the cooking is done it will automatically turn the smoker off. Hence having presto won’t require your much time.

Moreover, this smoker is equipped with a high quality glass lid to prevent the unit from smoke or temperature escape. Furthermore, to prevent your home from unpleasant meat smell this unit features a gasket over the lid.

Let’s talk about its durability!  This smoker is made up using stainless steel. This material is best suitable for electric smokers as this one makes the unit quite durable to last you for years.

Presto 06014 Indoor Electric Smoker, 6 QT, Camo (1)

  • Digital touchpad for hot and cold smoke
  • Digital time control keeps check on cooking times
  • High quality glass lid protects from smoke or temperature escape
  • Small compact and sleek design for indoor smoking
  • Due to its size you can’t cook big cuts.
Why should you buy this?

This smoker being cheapest in this list still features enough cooking power, durable design, and high tech digital timer. I think this unit in terms of affordability can be the best suitable model, especially for indoor smoking. 

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4. Smokehouse Products Mini Chief Top Load SmokerSmokehouse Products Mini Chief Top Load Smoker

Our next pick belongs to the smokehouse family. This smoker is known as the smallest unit compared to all other products of this brand. Their Mini Chief is enough equipped to provide you quality with flavor.

Come and dig out this incredible smoker with me.

Important Features you need to know:

This mini chief is built up using aluminum, making this mini chief the most robust and sturdy design. Hence buying this unit can last you for ages. Besides this, due to the small size, it can be easily moved here and there accordingly.

When it comes to power this smoker features 250 watts of heating. This power is good enough to produce the required temperature for a variety of meats. No worries if you have a small size as the results will be the same as a middle sized smoker.

Moreover, this smoker is spacious enough to cook up to 15 pounds of meat. Hence using this smoker you can easily smoke up to 2 chicken, 3 racks of ribs, and 2 Pork butts. This can be enough to cater to a middle size household’s needs.

This unit is equipped with 1 cooking rack along with three grilling racks hence making this best small electric smoker grills. These racks are made up using steel along with chrome coating so that you can use them for years without any maintenance.

Smokehouse Products Mini Chief Top Load Smoker (1)

  • 250 watt of heating element
  • 1 cooking rack with 3 grilling racks
  • Enough spacious to smoke up to 15 pound of meat
  • Robust and sleek design for hassle free mobility


  • Small size plug would require you to buy extension

Why should you buy this?

Smokehouse mini chief is among the few reliable names with a trustworthy background. If you are looking for a small unit with enough space then the mini chief can feed all your needs. Besides this, buying this unit can hardly cause you any maintenance.

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5. Smokin-It Model #1 Electric SmokerSmokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

Smokin-It is a brand, known to have expertise in producing the best small bbq electric smokers. Their smoking model #1 electric smoker is small in size that could fit anywhere you want. Besides this, it has a unique design that offers you enough space.

Important features that you need to know:

The entire body of this unit including racks and drip pan are made up using stainless steel. Hence due to the use of high-grade material and unique design this unit can be the most robust in my list of best small electric smokers.

This internal body of the smoker is insulated using fiberglass to sustain smoke and temperature availability. Besides this, the unit is credited to provide you both hot and cold smoke. For better handling, this unit includes proper handling of wire this design includes wire hanger.

When it comes to power, this unit features up to 400 watts of the heating element. Hence, this power is enough to create the required temperature. Due to the highly insulated internal body, this unit requires a few amounts of wood chips to produce enough smoke. 

Portability and hassle-free mobility should be the first priority while purchasing any unit. This is why Smokin-it model #1 features four heavy-duty wheels of 3” diameter making this unit the best small electric smoker.

When it comes to reliability let me tell you this smoker is the most reliable as it is an NSC certified smoker.

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker (1)

  • Features four wheel of 3” diameter making this portable unit
  • 400 watt of heating element can give enough temperature
  • Unique design with enough space to smoke up to 22lbs
  • Reliable unit with NFC Certified
  • The system needs to assembled
  • Smoke sometime is not constant
  • This unit is enough bulky but thanks to its four casters
Why should you buy this?

First of all this is NFC Certified smoker money can buy. Besides this, its unique and small design is so simple and easy to operate. Hence this unit is best suitable for those who have less experience in smoking.

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6. Char-Broil Vertical Electric SmokerChar-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

Char- Broil has been producing a variety of electric smokers of different sizes. Hence their vertical electric smoker with its amazing powers and features can beautifully fit on the criteria of your small electric smoker.

Let me share some of its astonishing features with you

Important features you need to know:

Char Broil digital electric smoker has enough space of 505 square area. Therefore, you can cook enough meat including 2 chicken, 1 turkey, and rack of ribs.

Besides this, it comes with 3 adjustable cooking grates. These grates are built up using iron cast making these grates sufficiently robust and durable. In addition to this, chrome coating on these racks gives you a shiny surface and protects from rust and corrosion.

Let’s talk about its power, this unit features 1500 watt of heating element that can get you heat to burn enough wood chips, so that the unit could have unlimited smoke.

Moreover, the digital variable thermostat offers you quite an easy to adjust interface. Where all you need to move dial according to the required temperature.

The internal body of this unit comes with highly insulated double walled sealing. This sealing is enough efficient to prevent smoke as well as temperature escape. Besides this, the sealing enables this unit to be used in even cold weather.

The front door handle in this unit comes with chrome plated and gives you quite comfortable and easy excess during the process. When it comes to temperature gauge this unit has a very easy to read lid mounted temperature giving you a quick glance.

Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker (1)

  • Features adjustable 3 cooking grates
  • Enough space of 505 squares to cooking variety of meats
  • Chrome coated handle for comfortable handling
  • Highly insulated body enables unit to be used in cold temperature
  • Refilling the wood chip pan can cause temperature escape
Why should you buy this?

I think buying a Char Broil vertical electric smoker can be a decent choice in terms of a smoker that offers you high quality along with efficiency in such a small size. If you don’t want to sacrifice the quality oversize, this unit can prove to be the best suitable choice at reasonable prices.  

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No doubt, electrically run smokers are extremely user-friendly units. Hence these smokers are small in size but are efficient enough when it comes to performance. If you are looking for indoor smoking to be fixed in your kitchen then Presto 06014 Indoor Electric Smoker with beautiful sturdy design can be the best option at a really cheapest price. But if you want your unit with little more space and power than our best overall product Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio-2-Portable Electric Smoker has enough space along with portability and user-friendly applications. If you are a beginner and want your first smoking experience to be memorable then check out our list of best electric smokers for beginners.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Small Electric Smoker

The use of electric smokers has become part of our popular culture. The number of smoke junkies switching towards electrically run smokers. This is because electric smokers are extremely user-friendly units equipped with high tech features. This buying guide about the best small electric smoker is brought to you if you really have a strong desire to be part of this popular culture but a very little space to place such bulky models. But believe me, you are not alone every second out of 2 must be facing the same problem due to the congested houses and flat culture. To keep this We believe that this will help you out in picking the best suitable small model for your household.  

1. Type of Smoker:

Before picking a unit that suits your household, check the type on which it works. Without having proper knowledge of smoker’s type of smoker available in the market can cause you endless fatigue. There are 3 major types when it comes to smokers they are Charcoal, propane, and electric smokers.

A charcoal smoker is a type that uses the burning of coal as their power source to smoke food.  Buying Charcoal is not easy to operate. It requires you to have a quite open area, especially having an issue of placement, charcoal smokers can give you quite a tough time smoking.

While considering the propane type, which works on propane gas can be a cheap option in terms of affordability. But propane type could cause you havoc if you have limited placement options. As propane type is also not suitable for indoor smoking.

When you are especially dealing with space and placement issues then some indoor electric smokers are the best possible option that money can buy. Firstly they operate using electricity that is an easily available commodity. Secondly their compact and vertical design can be easily fit next to your balcony. Being compact they are less messy and fussy compared to propane and electric.

2. Material Used:

Second most important step before pouring money is to inspect the type of material used in the construction process of smokers. For this, you need to have a little knowledge about it. Let me tell you some reliable materials so that you can rely on them while picking up the best small smoker. Some smokers are built using stainless steel, cast iron, and Aluminized steel. But it does not end here, you have to be cautious enough about the type of coating as well. A well-designed smoker uses chrome coating to ensure maximum smoke consistency along with durability.

3. Food Capacity:

Generally, we relate the cooking space with the size of the unit but that’s not true. Even the small unit sometimes proves to be enough spacious to fulfill the needs of a family. Hence, while choosing a small unit be careful about the given food space area.

Besides this, the space in electric smokers is mostly measured by using square inches and sometimes cubic feet. 500 to 700 square inches is more than enough when you are choosing a medium size of 26” to 30” electric smoker. Hence a small unit may have 400 to 600 square inches depending on the model you are picking.

4. Heating Element:

The heating element is a component that is mainly responsible for the amount of temperature and smokes your electric smoker is generating. Always keep in mind no matter what is the size of your smoker but never ever compromise on its heating Power. The best heating element can produce up to 100 to 250 Fahrenheit temperature but that number could reach up to 300 to 450 Fahrenheit in some units.

Besides this, the consistency of power depends upon another thing that is an insulation system. If your smoker features a double-walled fully insulated body hence 100 to 250 Fahrenheit temperature can be more than enough for best outcomes.

5. Number of Racks:

The number of racks in a smoker defines how spacious your unit is. But sometimes 2 cooking racks could be spacious enough to cook up to 15 lbs of meat in a single go. While purchasing a small unit, 2 racks could be more than enough to feed your needs. Besides this, some units like Char Broil vertical smoker offer 3 cooking grates in a very small size unit. 

6. Easy to Operate:

Electric smokers compared to their contemporary models of charcoal and propane smokers are incredibly easy to operate. Because as being electric they won’t charge you for extra bills like buying charcoal or propane gas. Besides this, unlike Charcoal, you can easily clean them as they don’t produce any debris or ashes. Most importantly, they do not require any maintenance. Hence we can say that operating an electrically run smoker is as easy as playing a shoot bubble.

7. Easy to Transport

Hassle-free mobility should be a top-notch priority while choosing a relatively small unit for your household. This is because you can easily adjust the unit whenever you want. Hence always consider electric smoker models that offer you robust and comfortable side handles.

8. Warranty:

No matter which size of electric smoker you are buying a warranty should not be less than a year. Warranty is the most important factor, especially in electric appliances. That’s why we advise you to check out some electric smokers with enough warranty time periods.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question(s)

Do small electric smokers be reliable

One can always rely on small electric smokers due to its features, portability, and its main power consumption source i.e Electricity. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced, this unit only requires electricity and a small space.  

Small electric smokers have impressive built quality. A number of smokers are built using stainless steel, cast iron, and Aluminized steel so these units can be used roughly/ robust and easy to carry for outdoor adventure. Few brands applying chrome coating to ensure maximum smoke consistency along with durability

How can a small unit be beneficial for us

Small Electric smokers compared to their contemporary models of charcoal and propane smokers, prevents you from spending your much needed time in preparing smoke or setting wooden logs, in addition to it being electric they won’t charge you for extra bills in buying charcoal or propane gas.

Small electric smokers allow you to set the temperature between 100 and 300 Farhenheit. Some of the small electric smokers can be operated digitally or via connection to your devices so you don’t have to sit there and monitor it physically. They have an accurate temperature gauge and side handles help you in portability. 

These units come with a warranty period for no less than a year which is a surety in electric appliances.

How does a small electric smoker smoke food

Some small-sized electric smokers work a little bit differently due to their simple and portable design. But the core unit remains the same as the heating element to generate heat.  Besides this, the wood chips are used to create smoke. Some designs would not offer you digital temperature control or some other fancy features. Hence generally they work on the same formula just like any other smoker, as being a basic unit they have very basic simple features.

Does the small unit have enough space to feed the entire family

That is the question you would often have in your mind before investing money in small unit electric smokers. These units offer you a spacious cooking box or racks for your meat cuts, pork, chicken, turkey, and seafood. It can accommodate a middle size family easily. Most of the small units feature 2 cooking racks hence some even come with 3 racks as well. So, you can pick one according to your requirement.

Can we use small units for both indoor and outdoor smoking purposes

The best attraction for a small electric smoker is it can be operated for both indoor and outdoor smoking purposes. Smoking food inside the home in traditional ways can be dangerous. That’s where these small electric smokers make their presence and their features help you inside smoking.

Most people like to smoke outside/ backyard or in the garden, the compact size of these units makes it easy to carry it from one place to another with an electric power source you can use it easily at any station.

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