Best Gas Grill

For a serious and focused BBQ enthusiast, a Gas grill can be a great option to prevent you from charcoal nuisance.

How does it work smoothly? Let me set out a little bit

Either it’s natural gas or propane tank both fuel types are highly environment-friendly substances,

Hence, your best gas grill never produces ashes or debris inside the grill. Infect, a start-up is so easy with just one click away and your grill is ready for the process.

which means that operating a gas-oriented grill is just like having a cup of tea. But the convenience comes at a price.

Gas grills are a little bit expensive when compared with charcoal, yet with proper research, you can come up with an amazing unit under a reasonable price tag.

After a couple of tests and research, we have gathered the top 5 gas grills to not only suit your requirement but budget as well.

Best Gas Grill to Buy

So, without causing you further delay let’s have a look at our best gas grill that is Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill.

1. Char-Broil 463377319

Best Overall Grill

Char-Broil 463377319 - Best overall Grill

Char- Broil’s 463377319 is a 4-burner propane grill with sufficient cooking space and durable construction. Besides this, the grill is among best selling brands with over 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Let’s have a quick review of some of its astonishing features.

Important features you need to know:

Char broil’s grill runs over propane which means that it can let you cook your meats on high heat. With four stainless steel burners, you can set multiple zones to prepare ribeye steaks, toast buns or veggies, roast chicken, and grill burgers to serve in family gatherings.

The cast iron grates come with porcelain coating to prevent the cooking area from rust and corrosion.

425 sq. Inches of ample cooking space are sufficient to provide you room for up to 20 burgers in a single run.

Moreover, 150 sq. Inches of swing away warming rack can be used as a secondary space to keep the food warm before serving. You can also use secondary space for toasting and smoking veggies.

Let’s talk about its durability.

The exterior and interior along with other components are all manufactured using industrial grade stainless steel.

Besides this, the porcelain coating over grates and dripping tray ensures high end durability and longevity.

Char broil’s grill comes with a lidded side burner of 10,000 BTUs. The lid over the burner can serve you as a side shelf when not in use.

With a side burner, you can prepare sauces or cook anything that you want to serve with grilled items.

To start the process, char broil’s 4 burner grill is equipped with a steady and reliable electronic ignition system.

Moreover, the lid mounted temperature gauge keeps an eye on the inside temperature and provides you with an accurate reading for perfect cooking results.

Gas grills are known for their eco-friendly designs which means that they require little and quick clean up. The dish washable dripping pan, cooking grates can be removed to have proper and quick cleaning.

Side shelves ensure you manageable workplaces to start smooth processing. There is space inside the grill where you can keep your propane tank.

In addition, the grill’s robust two wheels enable you to move it wherever you like.

Char-Broil 463377319 Performance (1)
  • Four burners stainless steel burners
  • Cast iron rustproof cooking grates ensure 575 sq. Inches.
  • Comes with a fast and steady electronic ignition system
  • Side shelves to manage workplace for smooth handling
  • Doesn’t come with gas storage tank

Why Should You Buy This?

Charbroil has always produced quality products not only in gas but also in electric and charcoal as well. Their 4-burner grill is a budget friendly item with almost all the best possible features to quench your thirst for BBQ. Hence, investing in this model would no longer put burdens on your pocket.

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2. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin

Best Built in Grill

Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU Grill – Best Built in Grill

Stainless steel robust construction, durable design, and sufficient food capacity has always been a top-notch priority of Char- Griller.

Their E3001 is a light weighted 3 burner gas grill that can be easily moved around for outdoor grilling. Let me explore some insights into this grill for you.

Important features you need to know:

Char Griller’s E3001 gas grill is manufactured using industrial grade steel. It also features a powder coating to prevent its components from rust damages.

Additionally,, the grill comes with 3 burners capable of producing 40,800 of BTUs to heat up a massive cooking area of 630 sq. inches.

Moreover, the grill also comes with a side burner of 12,000 BTUs’ to get you done with sauces and other serving items.

Food capacity is divided into primary and secondary cooking grates providing you large cooking room for roasting, grilling, smoking, backing and toasting.

The porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates and stainless-steel warming racks assure longevity to the unit.

When it comes to starting up the grill, E3001 is equipped with an electronic ignition system to ensure you have a quick and smooth beginning.

Furthermore, the side shelves in char grillers provide you plenty of storage capacity to manage utensils, sauces and even you can line up meat for the next session.

To have complete control over inside temperature the lid features built in lid temperature gauge for comfortable and quick monitoring.

The lid also features a soft touch handle for a safe and secure handling experience.

Portability is somehow underestimated when it comes to gas grills, but this is not the case with E3001.

As, the unit comes with durable wheels and robust legs for hassle free smooth running on uneven surfaces.

Char-Broil 463377319 Performance
  • Electronic ignition for quick and safe start-up
  • Cast iron cooking grates for evenly cooking
  • 630 sq. inches of ample cooking space
  • Lid mounted temperature gauge for easy readout
  • Some customer complained about a complicated assembly of the grill

Why should you buy this?

Buying Char- Griller’s E3001 can be a decent investment to bloom your gas grilling up to the next level. If you have a limited budget and you want to have easy-to-operate gas grills, then E3001’s long-lasting construction, durable cooking grates, and portable features offer you a great deal under $ 300.

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3. Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310

Best Natural Gas Grill

Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill – Best Natural gas grill

We all have witnessed how weber revolutionized the traditional hefty grilling with the production of its environment-friendly natural gas grills.

Their Spirit II E-310 model is equipped with innovative Gs4 grilling technology to ensure you next-level comfort in grilling.

Important features you need to know:

The unit comes with reversible cooking grates equipped with thin and wide grate lines to let you have an ideal cooking style using the same grate.

The thin side can be used for fishes, veggies, and shrimp, and the wide side can be the best place to get done signature grilling marks over ribeye, baby back ribs, and pork butts.

Aside from this, you can grill, sear, smoke, and toast on its spacious 529 square inch cooking grates. inches of primary and secondary cooking area.

Hence, warming racks ensures you warm and fresh food supply just before serving or you can toast some of your buns and sausages as well.

The amazing thing about this grill is that it comes with high tech Gs4 smart technology. Gs4 grilling is actually a system that empowers you to have complete control over each aspect during the process from lighting to cleaning up process.

It’s Gs4 unique design that ensures a super friendly experience to punch your ordinary grilling up to achieve high-end results.

Besides this, Weber spirit ll also ensures you a mess-free smooth and manageable workplace with its amazing open cart design.

This design includes folding side tables with integrated hooks to be used as storage for utensils, saucers, platters, and other related accessories.

Moreover, the additional rack can be opened with a single touch button which makes the unit idea in terms of storage capacity especially for homes with smaller balconies.

Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill
  • Gs4 grilling system to provide you ease and comfort in grilling
  • Porcelain enamelled cast iron features thin and wide cooking grate
  • 529 sq. inches comes in both primary and secondary food capacity
  • Comes with 3 burners to ensure to multiple temperature settings
  • 48 assembly steps make the grill hard to assemble

Why Should You Buy This?

I would highly recommend weber’s spirit ll due to its amazingly designed Gs4 technology for which we can entitle it as a best gas grill for the money. This is because it comes with high tech features under a reasonable price tag.

If you don’t like to have messy grilling then buying Weber grill can share more than half of your burden.

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4. Cuisinart CGG-306 Propane

Best Tabletop Grill

Cuisinart CGG-306 Propane Tabletop Grill – Best Budget grill

Cuisinart stands to step ahead in producing easy to operate and budget friendly home appliances. Their CGG-306 is an epitome of what I have stated above.

Sleek in design and compact in style, this smart chef’s grill does not require assembly, infect you can start processing within 10 minutes.

Important features you need to know:

The unit comes with 20,000 BTUS using 2 burner settings, with which you can set up a dual-zone temperature setting to acquire perfect outcomes in searing, grilling, roasting, and toasting buns.

In a low heat zone, you can toast buns, grill veggies, fishes, shrimps whereas high heat areas can be used for grilling ribeye steaks, large meat cuts, and ribs.

The stainless-steel cooking grates come with 275 sq. In the cooking space. The material used ingrates are highly durable and protects the unit from rust damages and ensure even heat distribution for perfectly cooked outcomes.

If you are looking for propane grills, then must check either the grill is portable or not. Your grill should compact to be kept anywhere you want.

Our light-weighted best portable gas grill comes in suitcase style with a large handle to be carried using a single hand.

When it comes to durability, the entire construction of the grill is processed using industrial grade stainless steel. Which means the fine construction of the grill can last you for ages.

To control the inside temperature, the unit empowers you with an integrated thermometer located on the lid to have a quick glance during the process.

Moreover, adjustable burner knobs also help in achieving the required temperature for BBQ, grilling, and searing.

The unit is also equipped with a dish washable dripping tray to let you have a quick clean up process. To connect the grill with the tank, a 3.5-foot LP hose is installed for sustainable fuel supply.

Cuisinart’s budget friendly gas grill comes with 3 years of warranty to be claimed.

Cuisinart CGG-306 Propane Tabletop Grill
  • Comes in pre-assembled form
  • Stainless steel durable constructions
  • Suitcase style light weighted grill for portability
  • Integrated thermometer to monitor inside temperature
  • Temperature setting seems complex when cooking on indirect heat.
  • Some customers complained about poor company’s poor customer service

Why Should You Buy This?

Cuisinart’s tabletop grill works well on high heat, besides it gets heated up within minutes. You can cook multiple recipes on precise temperature settings.

The entire construction of stainless steel ensures long life. Lastly, you can hardly have durable construction and powerful features in any grill with such a reasonable price tag.

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5. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Best Multi-Purpose Gas Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill – best multi-purpose gas grill

Reviewing gas grills without listing products from camp chefs seems hard to believe. Camp chef, known for its long lasting and sturdy gas grills has become top-notch priority for BBQ enthusiasts.

Let’s have an insight view of their amazing design, simple and robust best flat top grill.

Important features you need to know:

Camp chef’s flat top grill is credited to provide you restaurant-style grilling and griddling at your home patio or backyard. With its 600 sq. In an interchangeable flat griddle, you can cook unlimited pancakes to serve huge gatherings.

Moreover, to feed you up with some spicy ribeye steaks or hamburgers, 501 sq. In cooking, grates provide you additional room to grill large meat cuts.

It comes with 4 burners made up using industrial grade stainless steel to produce 48,000 BTUs all together.

In addition, cooking with multiple burners allows you to prepare food at the temperature that best suits it.

Cast iron grates retain heat to ensure you have a consistent grill and perfectly cooked results.

Furthermore, the side shelves can be used for storage to help you in keeping the order during process. By using them, you can manage utensils, sauces and other accessories for smooth handling.

In addition to this, the grease management system is equipped with a removable grease tray for a hassle-free clean-up and also reduces the possibility of flare-ups during the process.

There are also two storage grates just below the table on which propane tanks can be stored. Or even you can use them to line bacon trays for the next session.

The entire construction is made up using steel to ensure a rust-proof body for years.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill
  • Comes with 2 in 1 grilling and griddling options
  • Side shelves to ensure you manageable workplace
  • 4 burners can be set for versatile temperature settings
  • Steel construction provides high end durability
  • a
buy now on amazon

Why Should You Buy This?

Buying a flat top grill can help you to cater the food requirements of your 50 hungry buddies at the same time. Besides this, sufficient storage capacity lets you manage the workplace while cooking for huge gatherings.

Due to its construction and high end features this grill comes with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Final Observation

Gas grills are a great option to enjoy outdoor grilling with very little or almost no mess. The joy can be doubled if the features you want to have in a grill comes under your purchasing power.

Thereby the grills in my list are affordable and built to last with super convenient mechanisms and user-friendly applications. You can pick any grill and I assure you that it would not disappoint you in any case.

Weber spirit ll comes with sufficient cooking space and powerful BTU to serve large gatherings. Besides this Cuisinart, a tabletop grill can be a decent option for hiking, picnic and camping due to its sleek and compact design.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Gas Grill

Gas grills have earned its reputation due to the simplicity, durability and affordability. Besides this, the temperature consistency ensures high heat to come up with well-cooked and caramelized steaks, burgers, ribeye, and ribs.

Before pouring money into gas-oriented grills, consider few worth mentioning points that will help you out in picking up the best gas grills to meet all the barbeque requirements of your entire household.

Propane vs Natural Gas

Before going further let’s have a look at the types of gas grill that you will be confronting out there. This division is mainly dependent on the fuel sources actually.

Some grills in the market use propane tanks to fuel them out and some work over natural gas coming from your home pipes. Both have their own pros and cons but picking one of them mainly relies upon an individual’s convenience level.

  • The propane tank needs to refilled whereas natural gas is always available in pipes
  • Propane tanks do not require installation whereas natural gas needs installation
  • Propane is a little expensive but it consumes less and last you for a longer period
  • Whereas natural gas is cheap in most of the parts but its consumption is higher than propane.
  • Propane emits 2500 BTUs in per hour whereas Natural gas emits only 1000 BTU’s
  • A propane tank can be used anywhere, a natural gas grill is fixed and you can’t move it around

Keep in mind that if the natural gas outlet is easily available at your home then consider buying natural gas otherwise propane is widely used all around the world.

Once you have decided the type of grill you want, either its propane or natural gas both works in almost similar ways, infecting, the rest of the construction is almost the same in both propane grills and natural gas grills.

Number of Burners

Size of the grill impacts in two ways, the number of burners and food capacity you want to have. A gas grill with more than 1 burner provides you with a dual-zone for both high and low-temperature settings.

When you are grilling multiple recipes for the entire household then 2 burners are indispensable.

Slow heat zone is used to grill veggies, toast buns, bake pizza, and roast turkeys whereas high heat is required to prepare crunchy and caramelized steaks, smoke baby back ribs, ribeye and prepare hamburgers.

Cooking Area

The size of the grate should be sufficient to cater to the dinner responsibility of an entire household. For this, gas grills are always equipped with ample cooking space.

The cooking space in the grill is calculated in sq. inches hence, the unit that comes with 800 sq. inches of cooking space is more than enough to feed a mid-sized household.

Built in Quality

Built-in quality is tested in several ways in gas grills, the grates quality, lid construction, and other components. Stainless steel and cast iron are commonly used material when it comes to cooking grates.

Choosing the best out of them depends on the cooking you want to have. For instance, stainless steel is rustproof which means that it’s easily washable but in terms of retaining the heat cast iron grates are way better than any other options out there.

The durable lid construction helps in preventing smoke and heat leakage. stainless steel and porcelain enameled lid are commonly used and long-lasting materials to be considered when going for gas grills.

Ignition System

Ignition in gas helps to light up the grill. Running a gas grill requires you to have sufficient safety measures. Hence, the ignition system needs consideration to make sure that either the ignition system your grill has is enough secure to operate?

The commonly used ignition system in gas comes with electric and piezo igniter. Electric igniter works on batteries hence, it is not long-lasting but the piezo igniter system is durable and long lasting as it only releases sparks to light up the grill.

Grill Safety Feature

Gas grills need to be properly entertained during the process. If the grill you have picked comes with sufficient safety features then you may have quite a smooth process with stunning outcomes. Hence, never compromise the safety of your grill.

The handles installed in the grill should have heat preventing shields to protect you from sudden heat or smoke burns.

Besides this, the portable wheels should have features to lock them for safe placement of the grill. Another safety concern to look upon is the ignition system, hence make sure to have a piezo ignite system as it is safe and durable.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Gas grills compared to pellets and charcoal counterparts are way easier to clean them up for the next session. This is due to their fuel type that is known for clean and green eco-friendly substances.

As a side note, almost all gas grills have a drip pan that collects oil and grease. For a better cleanup process make sure to have v-shaped flavorizer bars to prevent the burners from drippings.

Consider Price Factor

Gas grills are available under various price tags. It is obvious that if you want a grill with 2 or more burners along with some high-tech features it would definitely put a burden on your budget.

But pay less doesn’t mean you should compromise over quality. With little research, you can find durable fully functioning gas grills even at a reasonable price.


If you are planning to spend a sufficient amount on buying a gas grill make sure to have at least 5 years of claimed warranty.

Warranty is actually a surety that you earn when paying bucks in purchasing appliances through online sources.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question(s)

What is the best gas grill for the money?

You can purchase a gas grill even if you have a little amount of $100.But If you want to purchase a durable and powerful gas grill to meet all the food requirements of your entire household then Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner Liquid Propane gas is something you must give it try.

This is because it’s 4 burners, and a powerful BTU that can handle versatile grilling options. The side burner gives you the option to prepare sauces for the perfect topping. Hence, spacious cooking area, spider burners, durable design, and many other features are all available for only under $ 300.

What is the required BTU rating for a good quality gas grill?

BTU is a unit to measure the heat produced in a grill, it stands for British Thermal unit. The general concept is that a higher BTU rating can lead you to the perfect grill, but in reality, that is a misconception.

A Higher BTU rating leads you to fast fuel consumption. Thereby, when you are purchasing a gas grill calculate the BTU rating with the cooking area provided in the grill. The highest BTU rating burns your fuel quickly. You can calculate the required 100 BTU per sq. In. This will last your fuel for the entire grilling day out.

How do we light up the gas grill?

Ignition can be of numerous types when it comes to gas grills. Most of the grills out there come with electronic ignition systems whereas some have piezo and simple match on a stick method.

Either you are buying propane or a gas grill both have the following methods to ignite the grill. Ignition in gas is way safer than charcoal. Yet it requires proper maintenance of your fuel tank or if you have city pipes or natural gas.

Can I use a gas grill for indoor grilling?

If your grill is entitled to be used for outdoor only then don’t try grilling even in the garage. There are few pan grillers that can be used for indoor grilling but the majority of the models out there suits only when using them outdoors.

This is because gas and even charcoal emits carbon monoxide, a toxic substance that can take your life. A little amount of carbon monoxide is more than enough to take your life. So be careful with the instructions to experience safer grilling every time.

What is the lifespan of a gas grill?

Durability of the grill mainly depends on it’s built in quality. If the material used in the process is industrial grade steel, and you keep proper cleaning of your grill then it can easily last you for more than 5 years.

Cleaning a gas grill is so easy because it produces a very minimum amount of debris to be cleaned within a few minutes. Beside this, the cooking grates, drip tray and side shelves are washable with ordinary detergents. `

Can I convert my natural gas grill into propane gas grill?

Yes, you can convert your natural gas grill into propane only if the manufacture of your grill permits you to do that. This is because some of the renowned brands like weber and Napoleon strictly prohibit you to convert their grills into propane.

Yet you can do that if the manufacturer allows and provides you gas grill conversion kits. We recommend you to hire a professional for such a task, so that you may have a secure and safe conversion.

Can I use wood chips or briquettes in a gas grill?

Yes, you can use wood chips or briquettes to flavor your steaks or roast chicken. Some gas grills also come with smoke boxes, so you can place wood chips using the provided smoke box. In the absence of a smoke box, you can use aluminum foil to wrap wood chips.

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