7 Best Electric Smoker Wood Chips, Buyer’s guide

Wood chips are key components, especially for electric units. Hence, it is said that they are nothing less than queens of a smoked empire. The entire aroma of a juicy tenderized meat and chicken mainly depends upon the right flavor and high quality wood chips that you have poured into your electric unit.

With all due respect, we do believe that either it’s your town store or an online shop all are flooded out with uncountable brands and flavors, making it impossible for you to pick up the best electric smoker wood chips to fetch you next level smoke experience.

But if you are just right there, let me tell you we after going through millions of searches collected few reliable and trustiest brands only to make this part so easy and smooth for you.

Without wasting a minute let’s have a review of our best overall product that is Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips from Jack Daniel’s manufacturer.

 Best Electric Smoker Wood Chips

NameFlavorBest Suitable withPrice
Jack Daniel's Tennessee WhiskeyOak flavor with aged whiskey flavormedium smoked aroma
Western Premium Hickory BBQTraditional Hickory flavorBBQ, grilling beef and baby ribs
Oklahoma Joe's Apple fruity sweet flavorChicken, Seafood and Poultry and meat
Western Premium maple BBQSweet taste like maple syrupChicken, Meat and Poultry
Weber 17106 Firespice Mesquitebold dense smoked aromaBBQ, Beef, Pork butts and grilling
All Natural Flavored Aldersmoked aroma with little sweetnessBBQ Smoked wings, baby back and Poultry
Western Premium BBQ Variety 4 PackCherry, ample, peach and apple flavorMeats, chicken, beaf, and vegetables

1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Wy Barrel Smoking Chipshiske

Our best overall pick comes from Jack Daniel, one of the oldest and trustiest brands, especially when it comes to wood chips. Their Whiskey Barrel smoking woods are obtained from natural oak trees.

To provide you a quite perfect whiskey flavor, Jack Daniel uses a technique through which aged whiskey is drawn through the oak wood barrel. This results in letting a little amount of whiskey over the oak woods to make a perfect whiskey coating.

Moreover, these chips are prepared in a pure hygienic environment. That’s why you can say these whiskey barrel chips are quite natural. Hence, it produces a perfect natural mouthwatering smoke to flavor your food.

Besides this, the whiskey flavor works quite perfectly with chicken, pork, and red meats.  This is because the burning of whiskey leaves you a perfect oak flavor.

No matter which smoker you are using, buying Jack Daniel’s whiskey can be used with electric, charcoal and gas grills as well. This wood chip flavor comes in a bag of 1.76 pounds. Furthermore, the provided amount is more than enough to feed 10 smoking sessions.

  • Can be used with charcoal, gas and electric units.
  • Comes in a medium size that can be used in every smoker
  • Provide you a perfect oak flavor smoked food.
  • Prepared in a quite natural way.
  • According to some customers the bag comes with less than half full.
Why should you buy this?

 Jack Daniel’s brand is among the highest selling products on amazon. Besides this, it provides you a potent taste with a strong smoked feel. Buying Jack Daniel Whiskey wood would last you for an entire BBQ party.

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2. Western Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ ChipsWestern Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ Chips,

Hickory flavored BBQ  woods are produced by one of the leading BBQ brand western premium has everything that could lead your smoked food taste up to the next level.

First of all, Western premium wood works great if they are used in electric units. Especially their Hickory BBQ wood can produce quality results if used with a Masterbuilt.

They are prepared using 100% natural hickory woods, hence being so natural, you can have a pure hickory flavor at last. As they produce a robust hickory flavor that seems a little bitter for some of you so you can mix up hickory with ample to mediate the potency of hickory.

These provide the finest result if used with BBQ, poultry, pork shoulders, ribs, and red meats. Besides this, 1.6 pounds of weight can last up to 10 to 12 smoking sessions.  

Western Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ Chips, (1)

  • Hardwood  does not require constant refilling
  • The finest wood  for grilling and Barbecuing
  • Produce high quality results when used with Masterbuilt.
  • Better works when used with poultry, pork and ribs
  • Size is not convenient hence can’t be used with multiple units.
Why should you buy this?

Hickory is specially produced for those who love Southwestern traditional cuisines. If you are a lover of traditional southwestern cuisines then believe me Western premium hickory can produce you amazing grilling, searing, and barbecuing results.

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3. Oklahoma Joe’s Apple Wood Chips, 2-Pound Bag

Are you looking for wood chips to give you fruity sweet texture to your smoked food? Don’t bother yourself here and there, as our 3rd pick has everything to quench your thirst.

As we know apples give your food a mild sweet texture. Hence mixing apple with oak and hickory can get you desired customized flavor. Besides this, these chips are mostly used for smoking chicken, seafood, and cheese.

Moreover, this wood is derived from apple trunks and branches. Hence, the preparation is kept so pure and natural to keep the smoked aroma mild and soft.

These smoker chips  can produce quality results if used with poultry and chickens. The 2 pound of item weight is enough to run a smoke session for 10 times.

  • Customized size can be used with all smoker brands
  • Work outstanding when smoking seafood and steaks
  • Makes perfect combinations with hickory and oak
  • Comes with easy to carry and secure packaging
  • It doesn’t work better with vegetables, hence don’t use it while smoking vegetables.
Why should you buy this?

 If you want your cooking to have a mild sweet taste then you must buy Oklahoma’s apple series. This would work great for poultry and seafood. Buying apples would also be a perfect combination with the majority of other brands. hence you can use apple as a compliment.

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4. Western Premium BBQ Products Maple BBQ  ChipsWestern Premium BBQ Products Maple BBQ Chips

Western premium maple style is produced using heat treated original maple woods to form chips. These wood are multi-purpose which means that these can be used with either electric smokers and charcoal or gas grilling.

Burning maple wood chips provide your food with a quite mellow sweet Smokey, to numerous styles such as barbecuing, searing and grilling. Besides this, the maple can also work great if used with sirloin, bacon, salmon, beef, and ribs.

Another amazing feature for which I love maple is that it keeps the originality of your food. This means that using maple wood would not produce unique aroma to dominate the original taste of your desired food.

Hence, buying a single maple wood chips bag would last you until you master in producing high quality desired smell and taste.

Western Premium BBQ Products Maple BBQ Chips (1)

  • Produce mellow sweet aroma that suits for sirloin, bacon, and beef
  • Comes in decent packaging to last you more than 15 smoking sessions
  • Replacement of traditional hickory style
  • Product is little bit pricey

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5. Weber 17106 Firespice Mesquite Wood ChunksWeber 17106 Firespice Mesquite Wood Chunks

Weber is well known for producing high quality natural chips and chunks. Their Mesquite chunks got popular due to the unique aroma and chunk consistency. This is because they are hardwood chunks hence would last you way longer than any other brand.

Weber’s Mesquite comes in a huge bag of 5 pounds. These chunks are available in moderate size so that these could be fitted with most of the unit sizes. Hence, they better work when used with electrically run units.

 This works with almost everything but if you are a beef enthusiast then you must try weber’s Mesquite chunks. Besides this, Mesquite is a huge part of South West BBQ cosine hence, this item lets your beef with a bold South West touch.

Apart from beef, meat and poultry, these chunks can be used for vegetables. In addition to this, you don’t need to buy another type  to grill vegetables. When it comes to weigh t2.51 pounds are enough to run your smoking sessions more than 20 pounds.

Weber 17106 Firespice Mesquite Wood Chunks (1)

  • Best wood chunks to  mix with alder and maple for customized taste and texture
  • Ideal smoked aroma to sear beef and grill vegetables
  • Great complement to experience South Western touch
  • Comes in huge bag of 5 pounds
  • The flavor is extremely bold for some hence mixing it with ample can give you better taste
Why should you buy this?

Mesquite smoking wood is found in nature and produces bold potency with deep aroma resulting from tenderized smoking meat. Buying mesquite would no longer bother you for constant checking. Besides this, if it is distinct to enjoy your smoked food.

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6. Smokehouse Products All Natural  Alder Wood Chips Smokehouse Products All Natural Alder Wood Chips

Smokehouse production of wood chips contains a series of products to provide its consumer high-grade tasty food with unique taste. Hence keeping in view, their Alder wood with its unique mellow delicate taste is all here to bloom your startup.

Besides this, the fine and smooth texture allowed quite a comfortable pouring during the process. Hence, this texture produced the ultimate smoked feel while smoking seafood items in your units.

The Smokehouse Alder works fantastic while smoking fish and seafood. Besides this, these woods leave a light mild smoky taste which seems like dessert taste. This mild dessert smoke would work out quite fine if you smoke salmon, bacon, hamburger, sausages, etc.   

This pack of naturally derived alders is completely prepared in a natural way and derived from Alder tree’s trunks and branches. Beside this, they are hardwood chips and are responsible to produce smoke for a longer period.

Smokehouse Products All Natural Alder Wood Chips (1)

  • Smooth texture of woods allow comfortable pouring
  • Fine product to  smoke seafood, salmon, bacon and sausages
  • Mixing up with apple and pecan can provide you unique taste and texture
  • Size of the bad is not sufficient but Alder comes in hardwood category so it may last you longer sessions
Why should you buy this?

Many people out there review Alder as a great replacement for oak and hickory. Besides this, it comes in a huge bag, hence you can save money from buying a smokehouse. it can be better mixed with walnut to create customized taste and texture even in your homemade  BBQ  dinner party.

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7. Western Premium BBQ Products BBQ  Chips Variety Pack, 4 PackWestern Premium BBQ Products BBQ Chips Variety Pack, 4 Pack

Our last pic of this article is about a variety pack of western premium. Let me remind you, variety packs are great if you are a beginner or person with less experience. This is because variety pack gives you the option to try different styles so that you can pick out of it for your next BBQ party.

Western premium variety pack comprises 4 distinct kinds of wood style that includes maple, apple cherry, and peach. Maple gives you a mild sweetness in smoking hence it can be suited well with poultry and seafood. Beside this peach generates the unique south Asian BBQ style with its mild fruity texture.

When it comes to cherry and apple both are known for producing delicate sweet and little bold smoky aroma especially during the grilling and searing.

They included in this variety pack are all using derived 100% natural woods from the USA. Apart from four styles, the packaging includes a reusable alternative smoke tray for hassle-free pouring and handling.

Western Premium BBQ Products BBQ Chips Variety Pack, 4 Pack (1)

  • The product includes maple, peach, cherry wood, and apple chips.
  • Start up  variety pack for beginners
  • Comes in secure packaging for storing the wood longer period
  • Comes with reusable tray for comfortable pouring
  • Seems little bit costly compared to other variety packs
Why should you buy this?

A variety of backs can be the best selection, especially for beginners.  Western premium variety packs give you 4 distinct flavors so that you can select your favorite one out of it. Besides this, apple, peach, and maple can be mixed together to create your customized taste and texture.

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Buying quality wood chips for your smoker is as important as the smoker itself. For this purpose, always use a reliable brand so that it could produce outstanding results for your smoking hangouts. If you have a masterbuilt smoker brand than western premium hickory can provide you most of it. Besides this, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is considered for BBQ parties for bold consistency in smoked foods.  

Don’t forget to have safety probes while pouring wood during the process.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Electric Smoker Wood Chips

Wood Chips are small pieces made up using a variety of tree trunks. These wooden shaped chips enable your electric smoker to produce smoked food with amazing smoky texture. Choosing a high grade is nothing less important than choosing a good quality electric smoker. No doubt the quality of your smoked food depends upon the quality of smoker you are using. But, the undeniable role of wood chips can’t be underestimated at any cost. 

Apart from being a good quality smoker, the most important thing that comes into the list is choosing the best wood chips. For this purpose, we have brought this article so that you may have the ultimate guideline to choose the wood chips for quality results in smoked food.  

Different Types of wood chips:

Generally, they are available of two main types, these include the harder wood chips along with the lighter wood chips. It’s quite important especially for a beginner to understand what kind of wood could go better in terms of taste and aroma. Both types have their own expertise, when it comes to choosing it all depends on the type of meat you are going to smoke. Harder woods would work quite better with meats that are dense enough denser and relatively time-consuming just like Pork, beef, and beat. 

the lighter type works quite better with low-density foods like Seafood, Chickens, vegetables, etc.

Flavors available in wood chips:

Wood chips used in electric smokers can produce variety in aromas depending on their source tree. The most commonly recognized are Odor, Maple, Cherry, Orange, Oak, Hickory, Pecan, Apple, Mesquite wood chips, and Alder. If you own an electrically run unit then these savors can definitely provide you restaurant-style smoked food to bloom your dinners and meet up gatherings up to the next level.

Some aromas like maple and orange suits well with poultry and chicken and Barbecuing. If you want a kind of strong smoked texture and taste then Mesquite and oak can provide you with a great combination to achieve the desired strong smoked taste.

Combinations using different flavors:

Adventure without experiment is just like tea without sugar. No matter whether you are a beginner or a seasonal enthusiast you should always try different flavors using the trick of combining two different wood chips flavors. Some combinations work amazingly when they are used with each other. Apple and oak can be truly epic combinations for smoking chicken and duck. Some would not love the potential smoked flavor hence to mild the flavor you can combine ample and apple to maintain the smoked flavor by reducing potency.

Variety Gift Pack for beginners:

Some brands provide wood chip gift packs offering a variety of wood chip flavors in a single pack. The benefit of having a gift pack can cause you to spend money on a flavor that you did not like. Besides this, buying a gift pack allows you to explore various smoked flavors without wasting money. If you are a beginner who hasn’t explored different flavors yet, then I advise you to go first for the gift pack.

Reliable brands:

After a little survey, you may confront several known brands that are producing high grade smoking chips to fuel your unit. Among the very few can be seen as a reliable source to get your desired smoked flavors. The names of Western Premium, Jack Daniels, Oklahoma Joe’s, and Mr. Bar-B-Q have been credited to have led the industry.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question(s)

Do you soak wood chips for electric smokers

There are two reasons for which some prefer soaking wood chips before pouring into an electric smoker. First, the soaked wood chips would burn longer and some soaked them to get the delicate aroma out of smoked food. First of all, if you soaked them for longevity then let me clear there is no such common difference. Infect soaking would cause you some extra expenses. But if you soak wood chips for getting ultimate smoked results, then yes that is true soaked wood chips would absolutely provide you quality smoked aroma when they are soaked in apple juice, wine, and any liquid.

What are the electric smoker wood chips on the market

Brands and items mentioned in this article are all brought to this article after thorough research keeping for the unit. Especially Western premium series of styles are specially designed in a way to better assist units. Besides this, smokehouse and Jack Daniel’s can be decent choices in terms of smoked generating options for smokers.

How often do you add wood chips to a Masterbuilt electric smoker

The longevity of burning wood chips sometimes depends upon the types of wood and brand you are using. For example, hardwood types like oak and alder are hardwood hence they burn for a longer period no matter which the unit is. Similarly, Apple, ample and cherry due to their softer wood type required constant filling compared to their hardwood counterparts.

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