6 Best Electric Smoker under $500 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

The tenderized and juicy food with perfectly smoked flavor has become something possible even in under $500. That’s true if you are a beginner or want to have your next smoker equipped with some high tech fancy features, then all you want to have a little amount to enjoy the next level smoked foods.

The myth about electrically run unit, of being so expensive unit has become sort of outdated conspiracy. Infect, electric smokers are so reliable, easy to operate and available is so reasonable prices.

This review article about the best electric smoker comprising numbers of trustiest brands. Hence you can pick anyone without thinking for a movement. Because,

To produce each product review we have gone through systematic detailed research.

So what are you waiting for, if you are in search like many of us all you need to scroll down to find out our best over all that is Smoke Hollow CAB4017 Smoke-Tronix 40-Inch Outdoor Digital Electric only in under $500!

Best Electric Smoker under $500

NameSpace# of racksWattsPrice
Smoke Hollow CAB40171035 square4 racksN/A
Masterbuilt 3616DEW1000 Square3 racks800 watt
Smokin-It Model #2588 Square3 racks500 watt
Masterbuilt MB2007117N/A4 racks800 watt
Cookshack Model SM009-2588 Square3 racks500 watt
Jim Beam BTDS76JB520 Square4 racks500 Watt

1. Smoke Hollow CAB4017 -Tronix 40-Inch Outdoor Digital ElectricSmoke Hollow CAB4017 Smoke-Tronix 40-Inch Outdoor Digital Electric

Masterbuilt needs no introduction when it comes to home appliances such as electric smokers. It has been producing a variety of vertical electric smokers of different sizes for so long. Their vertical electric smoker with its amazing powers, features, and large capacity can fit on the criteria of your electric smoker. Let’s have a look on their 3616DEW Smoker

Important Features you need to know:

Investing in a smoker is a good idea especially in a large electric smoker that comes with tech features and durability. 3616DEW is a large size electric smoker with a 3.o cubic ft cooking capacity providing you the opportunity to cook/ smoke food for your family at any outdoor place like a professional. You just have to plug the smoker, add wood chips and water and the smoker will do the rest.

Besides this, the transparent glass window the beginners and peoples who are curious about their meal inside the heating chamber can see the entire process without opening the doors keeping the stuff warm in the best possible manner.

With a large external loading wood chip tray, you won’t need to open the chamber door for a few seconds during the smoking process. Hence, to make your cooking experience more pleasing, this unit is supported with 4 chrome-plated cooking grids. In addition to this, the multiple adjustment levels assist you in cooking different varieties of meals at the same time.

Smoking food is not easy although having an electric smoker with a sufficient heat capacity can do it for you. Being a large-sized unit this smoker features 1500 watt of a heating element. This means that, no matter what the size is, you can enjoy a variety of meats without having temperature issues. For further assistance digital electronic display is installed on top of the smoker so you can control the temperature time and on/off.

Let’s talk about the portability of this unit, the two rear wheels in stand and back handle make it easy to move after you are done smoking meat. These legs are robust and durable one. Hence the design of legs keeps the unit quiet upward so you don’t need to bow down much. This unit is easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about it after every cooking.

Smoke Hollow CAB4017 Smoke-Tronix 40-Inch Outdoor Digital Electric (1)

  • Glass Window makes it easy to see result without opening the door
  • 4 Adjustable grids
  • Digital LED Display
  • External-loading wood chip tray is easy to clean
  • The unit is a bit heavy but portability features made it possible to carry anywhere you wan’t
Why should you buy this?

Choosing an electric smoker is not an easy task but. This unit is a solid choice for both novices and experts; it would only require a little space if you have space issues. Besides this, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor smoking purposes. Enough heating power of 1500 watts and quite a spacious unit at such a reasonable price proves to be your best smoke partner ever.

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2. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 3616DEW Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 3616DEW Smoker, Black

Our second best pick comes from the house of Smoke Hollow. This giant smoker due to its advanced technological features is among the best products. This unit provides you what you are here looking for.

Let’s have a look to explore more about Smoke Hollow CAB401 Smoker.

Important features that you need to know:

This unit is equipped with a large size cabinet that provides you 4.5 cubic feet of cooking area. The four chrome-plated racks combine measure in at an impressive 1,000 square inches. This smoker not only accommodates the large family meal but it comes with high tech features.

These features can take very good care of your cooking experience up to the next level from a novice. No matter if you are a new or skillful BBQ lover, this unit is so easy to operate. This smoker has a large digital control function to set the temperature as low as 50 to 125 degrees and LED lights to enhance the visibility in sunlight.

In addition to it, this smoker comes with the feature of built-in Bluetooth technology. Hence Bluetooth connectivity allows you to keep a check on the internal temperature, cooking timings along with chamber temperature via mobile apps from your smart device.

The extra feature that determines the top position of this best electric smoker is its multiple smoking settings that offer 3 types of smoke setting (Cold Smoke, Hot Smoke, and Fast Smoke).

Hence, the unit is first of its kind to offer a smoke setting that grants the ultimate smoking of fish and cheese without any over burnt.

The external wood chip drawer is large and spacious enough so it saves you from the trouble of refill sessions during the smoking time. External water port and wood chip tray keep you away from opening the door thus smoke and heat retention inside the cooking chamber.  In addition to this, the transparent window provides visibility to your smoky stuff.

When it comes to durability, the body of this unit is manufactured with the same metal as its competitors. The stainless steel is used in the construction process, giving this unit longevity along with durability.

It has side handles for portability and 4 legs are attached to its bottom so it can be placed on any ground without any struggle. It takes care of customers and for satisfaction of its customers it gives a 1-year parts warranty for Smoke Hollow D4015B.

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 3616DEW Smoker, Black (1)

  • Connects with your smart devices for convenient temperature control / monitoring
  • Spacious enough for large meals
  • Unique feature of cold smoke setting 50 to 125 degrees
  • User friendly led digital controls
  • According to some customers mobile apps are not up to standards.
Why should you buy this?

The Smoke Hollow is way innovative as compared to its counterparts with robust built, glass window, digital settings, Bluetooth connectivity so would no longer bother you to inspect the cooking physically, spacious for large size meals, and 4 legs to place it on any ground. Well with this smoker you can enjoy your outings without worrying about smoking or traditional BBQ flavor.

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3. Smokin-It Model #2 Electric SmokerSmokin-It Model #2 Electric Smoker

Smokin-It is a well known name for making our life more comfortable with high quality home appliances along with sturdy and robust design to beat its market challengers. Their Model#2 Electric smoker is acknowledged as a great choice for BBQ taste lovers.

Let’s have a look some of its amazing features

Important Features you need to know:

What makes this electric smoker more attractive despite the fact that looks can be deceiving? The unit is built of eighteen gauges stainless steel. The addition of 4 caster wheels to this unit make it strong to be transported one place to another with absolute ease.

This smoker has a massive amount of space that accommodates 35lb of meat which is more than enough for an entire family who can enjoy flavored smoked meat together. For multiple meats cooking the internal 4 grilling racks made of stainless steel save you from spending extra time.

The heating element of a smoker is as powerful as its build quality with insulation it provides 800 watts of heating capacity to make your meat juicier and smoked flavor. This heating power is enough to smoke as much meat as you want out of this unit.

It is easy to use as this electric smoker does not have any large control panel but a simple one. There is one simple control knob on top of this smoker along with a thermostat you can set the temperature once the food is inside. Any food that comes in your mind can be cooked in this large-sized electric smoker.

Smokin-It Model #2 Electric Smoker (1)

  • 35lb meat holding capacity.
  • 800 Watt heat element is easy to replace
  • Internal insulation reduce heat loss
  • Required Temperature easy to maintain
  • No remote heat sensors are added in this unit
Why should you buy this?

From the above review, it can be concluded that this smoker being spacious and durable due to its steel gauge build with simple heat controller and its portable design this electric smoker is one of the best smokers available in the market. It’s best suitable for large meals and outdoor gatherings.

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4. Masterbuilt MB20071117 – Digital Electric SmokerMasterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30 inch, Black

Our fourth pick in the best electric smoker under $500 also belongs to the house of Masterbuilt. A company that earned years of trust in producing digital electric smokers. Their Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker is among the best seller smokers on amazon.

Let me dig it further for you

Important features you need to know:

It features 800 watts of heating element that is enough to cook a variety of meat including chicken, turkey, pork, meat, mutton, and seafood. Besides this, the temperature is further maintained with a double-walled insulated body of Masterbuilt.

This means that the double-walled sealing not only maintained the temperature but also prevented smoke escaping from the unit. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with thermostat temperature control, this system allows your smoker to cook food at an even and consistent temperature. 

Moreover, this unit has a digital panel system. This system enables you to have complete control over setting up and monitoring the required temperature accordingly. Besides this, the digital control panel allows you to have easy access to the on/off while during the process.

The unit along with its spacious cooking area made it possible to feed the food requirements of people up to 12 in a single go. Besides this, the unit has 4 chrome-coated racks, providing room to 6 chickens, 2 turkeys, and 4 pork butts.

When it comes to feeding the wood chips, unlike the competitors, Masterbuilt features a side wood chip loading system. This system allows you to refill wood chips from the backside of the smoker with the help of a loader without distorting the inside temperature.

Before switching to the next pick let me share the highly durable construction of the unit. This unit is built up using stainless steel making this the most durable electric smoker under $500. Due to the adjustable durable screw legs you can easily place the unit anywhere you want.

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30 inch, Black (1)

  • Robust and sturdy design along with insulated cabinet
  • Side handles for comfortable handling and installation
  • Thermostat temperature control allows even and consistent smoking
  • Patented side wood chip loading system enables to load wood chips without opening the door
  • The unit has a very limited time of warranty
  • Digital control panel seems hard to read in sunlight
 Why should you buy this smoker?

This unit is fully digitalized hence buying this unit would not bother you for constant temperature checkup and monitoring. Another feature for which I would highly recommend this unit is that it has a patented wood chip loading system to protect internal temperature and smoke. Hence the availability of constant temperature would ultimately deliver you the desired juicy flavor.

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5. Cookshack Electric Smoker Oven Model SM009-2Cookshack Electric Smoker Oven Model SM009-2

Cookshack is known for producing high quality Oven shaped electric smokers for ages. Their SM009-2 is among the best reviewed smokers along with a 4-star rating. The most amazing part of this smoker is that the operating unit is just like having a cup of tea.

To explore something more about the unit come with!

Important Features you need to know:

Cookshack’s unique design has sufficient cooking capacity to cater to especially large households. If you are looking for a unit with enough space capacity then considering Cookshack would never disappoint you. It features 588 square inches of cooking capacity to have room for up to 25 pounds of meat.

Moreover, the 3 Nickel-plated cooking grills are sufficient enough to provide room for 4 chicken 2 turkeys and 3 pork butts for the entire household. When it comes to power the MS009-2 equipped with 500 watts of the heating element. This heat up power is quite sufficient to cook different styles of foods including grilling, smoking, searing, and barbequing.

Let’s talk about its convenience! This unit is so user friendly when it comes to operating, transporting, maintaining, or even cleaning. It features casters for hassle-free transportation and comfortable two-sided handles provide a quite hassle free mobility even on rough landscapes.

Electric smokers being the easiest type does not require much cleanings like charcoal and propane. But cleaning the Smokin-it is even easier than the rest of the electric smoker. This is because this unit is simple and nickel grills can be slid away for comfortable wash out.

Beside this, you don’t need to hire a professional technician to assemble the unit. As this unit is so easy to assemble. For this purpose all you need to follow the provided guide book and rest will be done within 3o minutes.

Cookshack Electric Smoker Oven Model SM009-2 (1)

  • The insulated body provides tenderized and juicy texture
  • Teatures 588 square inches to cook 20 to 25 pounds of meats
  • 500 watt of power only requires normal voltage of 120
  • Does not require technician for the assembly
  • This seems to heavy but casters helps in transportation
  • Sometime operating the unit can be problematic in harsh winters
Why should you buy this?

I would definitely recommend this heavy duty unit for those consumers who have big gathers, little placement space, and not much experience of smoking. Yes if you are a person with above-mentioned issues than Cookshack with its easy to operate nature, amazing space and moderate size can serve you better than any other model available in the market.

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6. Jim Beam BTDS76JB 4-Rack Digital Outdoor SmokerJim Beam BTDS76JB 4-Rack Digital Outdoor Smoker

Our last pick on the list Jim Beam is the product of Bradley Smokers. Having a sufficient low smoked temperature along with 4 easy to moveable racks and a unique bisquettes feeding system is something for which this smoker can be considered the best possible choice under $500.

Important features you need to know:

The outside structure of the smoker mainly depends upon epoxy steel. Hence, making this Bradley smoker extremely sufficient to face all the difficulties of outdoor smoking. Besides this, the unit is sturdy thereby can last you for ages.

The internal body mainly relies on stainless steel. The stainless steel protects the interior from rust, corrosion, and scale buildups. Furthermore, the interior of Jim Beam is perfectly insulated to get the desired tenderized smoky flavor.

Moreover, the smoking power of 500 watts is sufficient to provide low smoke to the smoker. Besides this, the 125 watt of burner provides you quite a user-friendly interface to control cooking timing, temperature, and the smoke ratio of the smoker.

Bradley instead of choosing wood chips has their own smoke generating system known as Bradley Bisquettes feeding system.  To get the clean flavored smoke this unit has a generator to feed the unit with these bisquettes.

Another amazing thing about these bisquette is that once you have filled the tower with these bisquettes, you don’t need to refill the tower often. The single fill up can easily work for up to 8 hours. The other benefit of buying Bradley’s Jim Beam is that the bisquettes would not end up so easily.

Jim Beam BTDS76JB 4-Rack Digital Outdoor Smoker (1)

  • Convenient unit for setting up time, temperature smoke
  • Bisquettes would last you more than wood chips
  • Insulated body for consistent smoke and temperature
  • Burner and generator for easy set up
  • Bradley bisquettes are bit expensive than wood chips
  • The unit does not features side handles for mobility
Why should you buy this?

Bradley is a name you can trust even if you are new to them. They have a reputation in the market and their Jim Beam is a robust and durable smoker for making your outdoor gatherings memorable one. Besides this, the unit is kind of “fill it and forget it “. Once you have placed your meat then you don’t need to be worried because the rest will be done by Bradley Jim Beam.

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While picking up an electrically run unit with having all the great options is so hard when it comes to finalizing decisions. If you want to replace your basic unit then Smoke Hollow CAB4017 with some of its high tech features to smoke your next level meat is hard to ignore. Furthermore, Smokin-it SM009-2 can be the best basic unit of my list.

It’s our humble advice to wear heat probes or heatproof gloves during the cooking process.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Electric Smoker under 500

The easiest way to get restaurant flavored smoke food at home seems no more impossible if you have a good quality electric smoker. Hence, to grab a quality unit does not sound havoc due to the waves of smokers available in the market. But we believe that before purchasing anything we need to be a little aware of it. That’s the professional way to avoid mislaying.

If you have no or little knowledge about electric smokers, this buying guide about the best electric smoker under $500 will help you in numerous ways to make a long-lasting investment.  

Fuel Supply:

Fuel is the source on which your entire system of smokers depends. Actually fuel is the factor for, one smoker system is differentiated over another. Some works on pallets hence they are known as pallets, whereas some use coal and the other works on propane hence they got the names of charcoal smokers and propane smokers accordingly.

Electric smokers being the most versatile medium has become top-notch preferences over all other types. Compared to their counterparts, electric smokers require little effort and time in smoking, grilling, searing BBQ any type of food you want. Besides this, some models can be used for indoor smoking. If you are living in an apartment where you won’t get permission for smoking then electric smokers with indoor applications can be best suitable to quench your smoke thirst.


When it comes to features, different models have different features that mostly depend on their price. Models with high tech features would cause you higher prices. The normal size unit with necessary features would be more than enough to carry the dinner duties of a large household. No matter if you can afford to have your next unit equipped with fancy features. There are some reliable units featuring digital temperature control, remote control monitoring, and Bluetooth, and Smart App technology under $500.

Size and Shape:

Choosing the best size smoker mainly relies on the size of the household for this smoker is going to serve. The bigger the household the bigger the size should be. Moreover, the size in terms of weight of the unit should be considered differently as some smokers offer little interior but higher the weight.

The shape of the smoker is another important factor to be considered before choosing one. This is because different brands follow different shapes while manufacturing smokers. Smokers in vertical shapes require little space and if you have space issues then a vertical model would be the best choice. Furthermore, oven shapes are enough spacious and portable but they need more space for the placement. Besides this, you can choose a drum shape or even a burner shape smoker if those meet your requirements.


Here in electric smoker capacity refers to the cooking space offered in electric smokers. To achieve the desired capacity we would highly recommend you to calculate the requirements of your family first. It doesn’t mean that you should buy something spacious enough. Picking up a spacious unit without having the requirement would only cause you extra cleaning and burden. Space of a smoker mostly calculated in square inches. Hence, 600 to 750 square inches of the cooking area is more than enough to feed the requirements of large households or even Christmas gatherings.

Built-in Material:

The material used in construction would determine how durable the unit can be. Before buying a unit, exterior vs interior both constructions should be examined carefully. If the smoker is constructed using industrial-grade materials like Stainless, Iron cast and Aluminized Steel can be durable and robust for longevity.

The interior of a smoker should be insulated to keep the temperature consistent. In addition to this, the racks, grills or grates should be chrome coated. As we know the chrome cover helps in keeping the unit rustproof and keeps the racks shiny and smooth as well.

Versatile Cooking Options:

Beware before choosing a unit that is only made to serve you for a single purpose only. Some electric smokers are designed only to smoke the food. Always pick a unit that has versatile cooking options of smoking, grilling, searing and barbequing, and more.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question(s)

 What is the best smoker to buy under $500?

There are a number of choices under $500 while talking about the best unit seems a bit harder. This is because different units have different capabilities and loopholes as well. So it all depends upon your preferences and requirements. Some reliable names like Masterbuilt, Bradley, and Smokin-it have perfect top-notch models. If you should check them out.

Besides this, Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker is among the best seller smokers with large cooking capacity and the best ever wood chip pouring system.

 How can we get smoked flavor food out of an electric smoker?

Electric smokers create smoke using wood chips. These wood chips are burned with the help of heating elements. Hence the burning of wood chips creates an excessive amount of smoke. This smoke along with the temperature used to cook the meat you have placed on the cooking shelves. The flavor of your smoked food depends upon the flavor of wood chips you are using in the smoker. These wood chips come in different flavors in the market. You can purchase any flavor of your choice.

 How electrically run units are better than Charcoal smokers?

Both have their own pros and cons. Some in the favor of charcoal will argue over taste on the other hand electric smoker fans will defend their units for easy to operate and fewer time consumptions. Let this debate here and come to the facts, there is no point in discussing which unit flavors better smoky and which not. Charcoal functions slightly better in terms of flavor. But using the electric unit is just like having a cup of tea. So it all depends on you if you have that much time to sacrifice over a slight difference of taste than charcoal will be the best possible option even at the cheapest rates. If not then believe me electric smokers are the smokers especially designed to save your unnecessary energy, time, and stamina.

 How long an electric smoker would last you?

The durability of the smoker mainly relies upon the material used in its construction process. Some durable material can last you more than your imagination. Just like stainless steel, Cast iron, epoxy steel, and Aluminized style are the most reliable and durable materials used in electric smokers.

Another important thing to be examined is that before purchasing a unit check both sides of constructions whether it’s interior or exterior. For example, the material used in the construction of racks, insulated bodies, the perfect door sealing should be given enough consideration before finalizing any unit.

 Why bisquette feeding system better than wood chips?

90 % of electric smokers produce their smoke using wood chips hence the remaining 10 % from a brand name Bradly uses bisquettes. So the question of whether the bisquettes have an edge over wood chips or not varies over the mechanism of the smoker. Besides this, they are especially designed for a particular system and the entire decision of picking up a smoker should not rely on the bisquettes. For your information, bisquettes are quite expensive compared to wood chips. But they would last you a little bit longer than wood chips.

 Do electric smokers require constant maintenance?

That is the question which once in the whole process of narrowing down the products would strike your mind. Not only with smokers everything that works on electricity, could bother you a little bit. But the proper care and little clean up just after each use would always prevent you from unnecessary maintenance and damages.

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