5 Best Electric Smoker Under $300 – Buyer’s guide

Having tenderized and juicy smoked results can be the utmost desire of every smoked enthusiast.  The perfectly smoked and timely cooking process is all possible if you have a good quality electric smoker.

If you don’t have that one and you are looking for a unit under affordability. Let me clear you first, you don’t need a handsome amount of money for an electric smoker, because this article will bring you close to the branded high quality best electric smoker under $300.

The products listed in this article are capable enough to outnumber any expensive brands in terms of durability, performance and features. Beside this, we have picked them from reliable brands and names that are leading the industry since ages.

If you have embarked on this journey to find an electric smoker then without wasting a second, check out our first best overall smoker, the Bradley Smoker BS611 electric smoker.

Best Smoker under $300

Name# of racksWattsPrice
Bradley Smoker BS6114 racksN/A
Cuisinart COS-3303 racks1500 watt
Masterbuilt MB200711174 racks1200 watt
Smoke Hollow CAB40174 racks800 watt
Char-Broil Simple SmokerFront facing750 watt

1: Bradley Smoker BS611 Electric Smoker, One Size, BlackBradley Smoker BS611

Our top pick on the list of best smokers in $300 manufactured under Bradley, reputed name well known for producing high tech exteriors, insulated interiors and incredible mechanism. Their BS611 electric smoker features jet black lavish exterior making it the most attractive unit to amaze visitors.

Important Features you need to know:

The stainless steel robust construction, along with extravagant appearance, having 3D printed brand logo and antique smoke paint on front door has something for which we can name it a great combo of beauty along with durability.

Another amazing thing about the unit is that it has a unique design to feed the wood bisquettes. Let me remind you, Bradley is a brand that generates smoke using a bisquettes feeding system replacing the traditional wood chips. These bisquettes are responsible for delicate smoke flavor better than its wood chips counterparts.

Bradley’s original smoker features an additional firebox system to ensure your user friendly interface. It has racks inside the firebox attached with bisquettes tower to automatically feed the unit without opening the door. Hence, BS611 automatic refill ensures you relax and convenient smoking jobs only under $300.

The interface on firebox enables you to set up temperature readout from low to high as per your requirements. Beside this, the firebox also features an on/off button for comfortable operation.

Another amazing feature of this unit is that it features two heating elements to produce both cold and hot smoke. Thanks to its two heating elements that has the ability to turn the smoker into a roaster whenever you want.

The unit has a side panel system that could be easily removed to ensure you comfortable clean up after each smoke session.

Bradley Smoker BS611 (1)

  • Versatile unit that can be turned into roaster
  • Bisquettes produce delicate smoke flavor
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Additional firebox system for user friendly interface
  • Bradly bisquettes are expensive compared to wood chips
  • Some customer complains that the rack for feeding bisquettes is not durable
Why should you buy this smoker?

Bradley’s original smokers are so extremely beautiful and powerful electric smokers. They would provide you sufficient space to smoke a variety of food to feed not only the entire household but to host clan gatherings. If you are a person who loves to host barbequing parties then you must go for this astonishing unit. 

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2: Cuisinart COS-330 Electric smoker:Cuisinart COS-330 Electric smoker

Cuisinart’s COS-330 is a 30″ best seller electric smoker on Amazon. The unit is known for an extremely user friendly interface along with wide cooking space, hence making the unit the best electric smoker under $300.

To explore more about COS-330 lets have a look at it.

Important features you need to know:

This unit is extremely powerful to smoke meat at high temperature with its 15 watt of heating element. The power of the heating element can bring the temperature up to 100 to 400 degree Fahrenheit. This means that the power of Cuisinart is more than enough to smoke everything you want to.

Moreover, the unit has sufficient space to cook 4 chickens, 2 turkeys, 4 baby back ribs and 2 pork butts. Its three chrome coated racks feature 548 square inches of cooking area. 

When it comes to convenience, thanks to its user friendly temperature control and built in thermometer. COS-330’s temperature control is so easy to monitor the temperature during the process. Beside this, the built in thermometer assists in managing the internal smoke of the unit.

Portability is the most important aspect to be considered especially if you have outdoor smoking plans. This unit has 2 comfortable side handles and lightweight for easy and hassle free monitoring. Now moving your unit with a Cuisinart smoker is nothing less than fun activity.

The unit is made up using sturdy and robust material known as stainless steel to prevent the unit from getting rust and scale build ups.

Cuisinart COS-330 Electric smoker (1)

  • Features 1500 watt of heating element to produce enough temperature
  • 548 square inches of cook space to place variety of meats
  • 3 chrome coated rust proof racks ensures durable shiny cooking surface
  • Side handles for hassle free transportation
  • The door sealing sometime causes smoke leakage
Why should you buy this?

Cuisinart smokers are among the most reliable units and their COS- 330 is a great choice to start your smoke journey. Their user friendly nature ensures you a quite relaxing smoking experience. All you have to do is set the temperature, fill up the woods and water, place the meat, rest will be done by this unit.

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3: Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30 inch, BlackMasterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt’s 200711 electric smoker due its durable design, digital temperature control, air damper system and wood chips loading system can be taken as the best smoker for money.

Features you need to know:

The most important feature I would love to mention in the very first is that the unit has sufficient space of almost 700 square inches to smoke enough food for clan gatherings or family day out. For this purpose, the unit is equipped with 3 racks to provide you wide cooking space. To cater such needs you can place 6 large sized chicken, 2 middle sized turkeys, 6 baby back ribs, 4 pork butts just in single go.

Let’s talk about its durability! The model is robust due to high grade material used in the construction process, making the unit durable enough to last you for ages. Beside this the unit also features double walled interior built up to prevent smoke and temperature escape during the process.

For the ease of its consumer, Masterbuilt smoker features a digital control panel to monitor the required heat, and cooking timing for food. It has another amazing feature of the air damper system making the unit a decent choice under $300. This air damper system is designed to regulate the required smoke for multiple cooking styles. No matter what the requirement is you can manage your required smoke taste by releasing spare smoke out of the smoker.

The additional features of drip pan and grease tray ensures quick washout after each smoke session. Furthermore, the addition of incredible wood chips loading system ensures you hassle free wood chips pouring during the process.

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker (1)

  • Enough cooking space of 700 square inches
  • Double walled insulated body to prevent heat and smoke escape
  • Air damper system to monitor the required smoke
  • Incredible wood chips loading system
  • Some customers complained that the unit doesn’t produce required smoke at low temperature
Why should you buy this smoker?

Masterbuilt is a name for reliability, if you have chosen a masterbuilt smoker then you don’t need to be worried about its durability and performance. Beside this, buying this unit will provide you spacious cooking space and many more features that you can never get to have in any other unit under $300.

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4:  Smoke Hollow CAB4017 Smoke-Tronix 40-Inch Outdoor Digital ElectricSmoke Hollow CAB4017

Smoke Hollow CAB4017 is a 40” electric smoker or masterbuilt’s smoke Hollow series. You must be thinking that another Masterbuilt smoker. The reason is they have high grade best sellers worth mentioning products. Their CAB4017 is a vertically shaped unit featuring large cooking capacity and high tech smart features making the unit a decent choice that money can buy.

 Important features you need to know:

The unit features 3.0 cubic ft space to place your required food to meet the dinner’s needs of large household or even clan gatherings. The wide glass built viewing window in the unit ensures you to inspect the food inside the heating chamber during the cooking process.

Beside this, the unit comes with a large wood chip tray to prevent you from constant loading. Moreover, the large wood chips tray is capable enough to produce distinct and bold smoke to cooking hard meats like ribs, mutton and pork butts during the process. Furthermore, you can use multiple wood chips without worrying about the size of the wood chips tray.

It doesn’t end here! For a pleasant and hassle free food placement the unit features 4 chrome coated cooking chambers providing the room for 6 chickens, 4 turkeys, 4 racks of ribs along with 4 pork butts. Beside this, the digital display assists with blue LED lights for better visibility even in bright sunny days. Moreover, the panel also features multiple adjustment levels to ensure you error free temperature set up and cooking times for even and consistent cooking.

When it comes to the power of a smoker, Masterbuilt’s smoke hollow stands step further compared to its competitors. To make sure the unit is equipped with sufficient power, the unit can produce 1500 watt of heating element to smoke/cook multiple meats at the same time.

The rear wheel and back handles installed in the unit makes the unit portable enough to be taken anywhere you want.

Smoke Hollow CAB4017 (1)

  • Blue light LED display for better visibility in day light
  • Large wood chips tray prevent you from constant loading
  • Stainless steel body ensures durability and longevity.
  • 4 Chrome coated racks provide enough room to place meat.
  •  Sometimes the wifi connectivity creates hurdle for the operator
 Why should you buy this smoker?

Smoke hollow is a large sized smoker that provides you space, power, performance and quality at the same time. If you want your next smoker to be equipped with high features, this unit features all the possible high features in such a reasonable budget of dollar 100.\

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5: Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef TechnologyChar-Broil Simple Smoker

Our last pick smoker comes from the house of Char Broil. This small sized electric smoker is the best portable electric unit that is known for its SmartCheif technology and unique style and durability.

Important features you need to know:

The unit is equipped with smart tech features to control the entire cooking process in a much digitized manner. Hence, you can connect the smoker through an app known as SamrtChief allows you to monitor temperature consistency, cooking timings and along the inside chamber temperature.

In addition to this, the unit also comes with integrated meat probe features. The integrated meat probes along with monitoring the internal temperature also send readout information to your SmartChef app.  This means that the features help in monitoring the temperature remotely and you don’t need to stick next to the smoker.

The food space in the Char broil is assisted by a front facing smoker box. The box does not feature enough food space but still the unit has room to cook food for a middle sized household. Beside this, the front face smoker box does not need a front door for placement and sliding racks ensures you constant temperature and quick cooking timings.

The smoker is so portable and light weighted that you can take it even on hilly and mountainous areas. Char Broils unique design and powerful features enables you to have barbeque parties even in winters.

Char-Broil Simple Smoker (1)

  • Connected with SamrtChief app through wifi
  • Sleek and compact design can be sued for ages
  • Portable smoker for outdoor use
  • Built in meat  probe technology that keeps check on internal temperature
  • The technology does not show the inside temperature accurately.

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Electric smokers due to high tech features and hassle free mobility has become top-notch priority. But picking a suitable model is a little bit harder due to the unlimited choice and brands. This article is written after a deep market and consumer demands. For example if you want your model to be best equipped with fancy features along with durability then master chief smoke Hollow is the best choice to meet the demands that you are looking for in your unit. When it comes to cooking space then Bradley features quite a wide cooking space along with beautiful extravagant exterior built up. Char Broil is also the best option if you need a portable unit for a middle sized household.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Smoker under $300

Smoked food has traditional routes in almost every culture out there. That’s the reason for which smoking or even barbecuing has become a cousin of our global culture. In modern times, to get the utmost smoky results, many people buy electric smokers. This is because electric smokers are easiest compared to any other type available in the market. But choosing the best electric smoker in affordable ranges seems quite time consuming and hectic activity due to varieties, high tech features and expensive price tags.

But this doesn’t mean that buying quality units under reasonable prices is impossible. You don’t always need thousands of dollars to spend just buying a home appliance. If you are looking for electric smokers a few hundred dollars are more than enough for a decent start up. No matter what the amount is, always consider a few things before buying an electric smoker.

Temperature Control:

Setting up required temperature and monitoring it during the process is all possible just with a single panel known as temperature control. Some traditionally designed smoker features analog temperature gauge whereas modern high tech units have digital control panels. Analog temperature control system is simple but requires little experience in handling. But the digital control system comes with a user friendly interface. Hence, digital systems are best suitable for beginners to do hassle free smoking startups.

Cooking Space:

Buying a spacious unit without having need is nothing less than a waste of money. It’s better to calculate the amount of meat you want to smoke in your unit.  This will help you to choose an ideal size smoker with required smoking areas. Most electric units are being designed in vertical shapes. This is because vertical style allows sufficient space to cook multiple items in single go. The space area in vertical electric smokers are measured using square inches. An electric smoker with space of 700 square inches is more than enough to feed a large household.

Heating element:

Heating element is responsible for producing heat into the unit. The power of the heating element is measured in watts. To run the heating element all you required is a normal 110 voltage of electricity. To meet the requirements of big families that always look for smokers they can produce 1200 watt of heating element. You required 1200 watt to smoke meat, mutton pork and ribs. For a medium or low smoked, 500 to 800 watt is more than enough for poultry, chicken, seafood.

Built in material:

The material used in the construction process is so important for the durability of the unit. Make sure that the unit you are going to choose should be constructed using industrial grade materials. Stainless steel, aluminized steel and cast iron are highly rust and corrosion proof substances. Moreover, they can be used in extreme weather conditions as well.

 Insulated Body:

The internal insulation system is a key factor to ensure your temperature and smoke consistency. Some smokers use double walled insulation systems but due to poor quality door folding they end up having smoke leakage. Always choose the unit with the best insulation system for both inside and door folding to have consistent smoke.


Whenever you are buying appliances that work on electricity make sure they should have at least one year of warranty to be claimed. Hence, Cusinart offers its customer a 3 years warranty to be claimed. Beside this, check the customer service reviews of the brand because some time you may have a warranty but due to the bad experience with customer service you may suffer while claiming.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question(s)

What is the best electric smoker under $300

The amount of $300 is decent for purchasing quality smokers of reliable industry leading brands. Infect some brands even offer high tech features in such affordability. Just like Masterbuilt’s smokers, they are durable enough and equipped with high tech features to provide quality and taste in your required budget. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Electric Smoker is a high grade digital electric smoker with some of its amazing features. Beside this the smoker has enough food space to place as much meat as you want to feed the large household.

Can we have ultimate smoky food when using an electric smoker

Electric smokers produce the taste of smoke using wood chips. These wood chips are available in the market in numerous flavors of your choice. You can easily pick any flavor that suits with your desired flavor. These wood chips are burned inside the smoker and produce smoke, that smoke is used to transmit bold/mild of your choice smoky taste, texture and flavor. The way electric smokers generate smoke is quite different compared to charcoal and wood smokers. Therefore there is a slight difference as well. But this slight difference stands nothing in front of the comfort and ease that an electric smoker offers you.

Which electric smoker can be used for slow smoking

Some smokers are designed to be used for slow smoking. When it comes to Bradley Smoker BS611 Electric Smoker, it is especially designed with such options. Because it can produce smoke even at low temperatures. That is why the unit can be used as a roaster as well as a smoker. You can produce slow smoked with other smokers as well. But the majority of the units do not produce smoke when they are turned at low temperature.

Which smoker is known for the best heating element

Heating element is the most important factor, and it requires your enough consideration before picking up the unit.  Cuisinart COS-330 is a model that can produce up to 1500 watt of heating element. Beside this the insulation of the smoker prevents temperature escape and gives you constant smoke during the entire session. Beside this Masterbuilt MB20071117 also features the best heating element.

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