5 Best Charcoal Grill Under 300

Charcoal is a traditional way to fire up grills in order to get cooked food. The modern ways have completely transformed our cooking method, yet they failed to replace the ritual of charcoal grilling.

This ritual needs you to have a fully functioning charcoal grill so that you may end up having delicious mouth-watering grill food.

Here you will find a list of some of the best charcoal grills under $300 that feature quality grills at affordable prices to assist you in your search.

If like many of us you want a fully functioning powerful charcoal grill then I must say you have got the right platform to quench your thirst.

After multiple tests, we have come up with amazing charcoal grills. All you have to go through them and make a sustainable investment under your suggested price tag.

So, let’s get started

Best Charcoal Grill under $300

Char-Griller E56720447 sq.inchesTriple walled
Weber 14516001N/AGBS insert grate
Char-Griller 21371063 sq.inchesMassive space
Weber 15301001363 sq.inchesLid placement system
Royal Gourmet CC1830F800 sq.inchesLid thermometer

1. Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado

Best Charcoal Grill under 300 Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado Charcoal Grill

Char griller is a top rating name when it comes to quality performance. Hence, their E56720 is a top-rated kamado grill.

The amazing thing about this unit is that it can serve you as a grill and smoker at the same time. Don’t miss this amazing grill for crispy searing on high heat and perfect roasting on low heat.

Let’s have an insight into our best overall grill.

Important features you need to know:

Char griller’s kamado grill features a triple walled insulation body which makes it the perfect model when it comes to retaining heat. 

The temperature in char griller kamado can reach up to 700-degree Fahrenheit. Hence, this limit is more than enough to acquire perfect searing turn over.

Due to its heat retaining power, E56720 would no longer bother you to add more coals. Infect, it ensures you heavy grilling with a minimum amount of coal.

The unit comes with a 447 square inches area divided into two chambers cooking grate along with a warming rack constructed using cast iron.

Out of which 314 square inches are occupied using a primary cooking grate, whereas the remaining 133 square inches come with warming racks. Hence, this space is more than enough for a mid-sized household.

 Let’s talk about durability! E56720 is designed in a way to last you for ages. The exterior of the grill is constructed using powder coating industrial-grade steel.

Whereas, the interior of this kamado is manufactured using epoxy coating making the grill suitable even in harsh weather conditions.

When it comes to temperature control applications, char griller’s kamado stands ahead compared to its competitors. The efficient air damping system helps to maintain the internal heat level.

This system along with bottom air dampers features adjustable top dampers over the lid. The air dampers over the lid helps in having control over inside temperature and airflow. Whereas the lower air damping system controls the flow of air inside the grill.

For a hassle-free cleaning process, an easy-to-dump ash pan is installed just below the air damping system. This system ensures an easy and comfortable cleaning process.

Therefore, buying char grillers kamado would only require you a few minutes to clean up the grill properly.

The portability of the grill is the most important aspect to be considered before pouring money.

Hence, to make the unit portable enough, this unit comes with an 8 inches casters wheel made up of quality rubber for comfortable movement even on a dumpy surface.

For a convenient cooking process, this unit also comes with 2 foldable side shelves. These shelves feature hooks to hang utensils and other accessories.

Buying this inexpensive charcoal grill can be an extremely light-weighted, durable and high performing unit that money can buy. 

Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado Charcoal Grill (1)
  • Triple walled insulated interior for perfect heat retention
  • Industrial grade steal construction for longevity
  • 447 square inches provides room for ample cooking
  • 8 inches caster wheels for comfortable transportation
  • Some customer complained over the poor quality of paint

Why Should You Buy This?

Char Griller’s kamado is best suitable for those living under harsh weather conditions. Besides this, the grill is so convenient to operate. If you are a beginner and have never had the experience of a grill on charcoal yet you can easily handle grilling on this kamado grill. The best thing about this grill is that it uses a lesser amount of coal due to a perfect heat retention body.

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2. Weber 14516001

Master-Touch Charcoal GrillWeber 14516001 Master-Touch Charcoal Grill

Weber is among the few trustiest names for producing quality designs with high tech features in grilling.

Their 14516001 model comes with its astonishing master touch features that have transformed the traditional charcoal grilling to the next level.

Important features you need to know:

The unit has sufficient space to cook 13 burgers using weber burger pressure. At the same time, you can expand the cooking area with its amazing feature of gourmet BBQ system grates.

All you have to remove the circular grate to insert the hinged grate. GBS enables you to grill as much food as you want.

It does not end here! The unit comes with a warming rack to keep your food warm. Besides this, you can toast buns while grilling beneath at primary grates.

When it comes to placing tools to grab them instantly, this master-touch grill features multiple hooks to hang as many grilling accessories as you want.

Apart from hanging tools, the lid also comes with an amazing tuck-away system. All you have to do is slide the lid towards the back and it will be placed conveniently.

Let’s have a look at its built-in material! The durability of the grill depends on the material used in manufacturing.

The entire construction of the grill depends on porcelain enamel, hence making the grill durable one. In addition to this, porcelain prevents rust from catching rust and scale build-ups.

To monitor the inside temperature of the grill, Weber 14516001 features a built-in lid thermometer. Now, you can easily adjust your temperature requirement with a quick display just over the lid.

Another amazing feature for which I love this model is its one-touch cleaning system. The unit comes with a removable ash catcher.

The high capacity ash catcher is responsible for collecting ash and debris. You can easily remove it for a quick cleaning process.

 This weber model is very light weighted. You can easily move it anywhere you want along with its ergonomically designed 2-wheel casters.

Buying weber would always ensure you a highly organized workplace and its eye-catching look has everything to surprise your guests.

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Weber 14516001 Master-Touch Charcoal Grill (1)
  • Features GBS grates system to extend cooking area
  • Tuck-Away lid holder for a comfortable lid handling
  • Built in lid thermometer to have perfect monitoring
  • Easy charcoal pouring with its hinged grate system
  • Dropping of the lid due to extra resting nuts need careful handling

Why Should You Buy This?

Weber’s 14516001 comes with its amazing master- touch features to ensure you easy and comfortable charcoal handling. It has a beautiful and durable design that will last you for generations. Beside this, the weber is a name you can blindly trust due to its responsible customer service facility.

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3. Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw

Best for Big FamilyChar-Griller 2137 Outlaw 1063 Square Inch Charcoal Grill Smoker

char- Griller’s outlaw grill features a massive cooking area to cater to the needs of big BBQ gathering. The Atlanta based char-griller manufacturing is a brand known for reliability and durability.

Hence, their outlaw grill along with sufficient grilling features has everything to quench the thirst of BBQ enthusiasts.

Important features you need to know:

Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw grill would never disappoint you with its spacious cooking area that is up to 1063 square inches. it allows you to grill more than 36 burgers without running out of space.

Besides this, the cast iron grates perfectly retain the heat and ensure evenly cooking for utmost grilling results.

Buying this model would last you for years due to its 22-gauge heavy-duty steel construction along with powder coating to ensure longevity to the grill.

Furthermore, the durable legs with its sturdy wheels enable the grill to move smoothly on bumpy surfaces.

The unit is equipped with an airtight flanged hood along with a heat gauge to ensure you have full control over the heat.

Moreover, the lid comes with a thermometer to keep a check over the inside temperature of the grill.

The temperature can be adjusted with its adjustable fire grates as per the requirements of your meat.

Let’s have a look at storage! The outlaw comes with amazingly designed three storage shelves proving ample space to keep sausages, spices, and crockery items.  The third shelf below the grill can be used to store sacks of coals.

The grill is equipped with a system of easy dump ash pans for hassle-free cleaning. The ash pan collects the entire produced ash and with a convenient tap, you can remove it easily to dispose of.

another amazing thing about this grill is that you can attach a firebox along the side of the grill to convert the grill into a Texas-style offset smoker.

Durable design, super spacious cooking area and ample storage space along with advanced features, this grill is said to be the best charcoal grill under 300.

Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw 1063 Square Inch Charcoal Grill Smoker
  • Features 1063 sq. inches of cooking area
  • Cast iron rust prove cooking grates for longevity
  • Three storage shelves ensure comfortable work place
  • Easy dump ash pan for hassle free cleaning
  • Assembling the grill seems bit challenging

Why Should You Buy This?

The company has been serving its customers for about 20 years. Hence, if something outstanding comes from the house of char- the griller must be given consideration. Besides this, the grill can serve you Texas-style smoking to quench your love for diver’s BBQ cuisines. Buying outlaw grills would hardly bother you when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

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4. Weber 15301001

Best Inexpensive SmokerWeber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

Weber’s performer charcoal grill can serve you as a great tool to accommodate all of your grilling needs.

Durable construction, compact design, and powerful features this grill the best inexpensive charcoal grill that money can buy.

Important features you need to know:

To ensure your timely meal delivery with comfort, weber performer grill features 363 sq. inches of ample cooking space.

This space is more than enough to prepare up to 13 burgers using the weber burger press.

To increase your comfort level weber grills come with foldable side tables to organize tools or even you can line up a meat platter for the next run.

The amazing thing about this grill is that it features a sturdy built-in lid thermometer to monitor the inside temperature.

Now using weber helps to acquire the utmost grilling results with its outstanding thermometer display.

For perfect heat control, the performer grill comes with adjustable air dampers. These dampers can be moved to moderate the airflow as per your temperature requirements.

The cast iron grate construction helps in retaining the heat. Infect cast iron grates ensure you have an even heat distribution for perfect cooking outcomes.

Moreover, the entire construction of the grill depends on industrial-grade steel, which means that the grill is durable enough to last you for ages.

For perfect heat retention inside the grill, the lid of weber is developed using porcelain enamel material.

Furthermore, instead of placing the grill over the ground, you can easily rest the grill at the back nuts using the feature of the tuck-away lid.

The performer has a storage rack beneath the bowl to store excessive coal sacks. The 8 inches sturdy wheels along with robust steal made legs ensures endless comfort when moving the grill for outdoor grilling.

Weber performer is a great choice for outdoor grilling due to its sturdy design mobility features.

Weber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black (1)
  • Side table for comfortable cooking process
  • Sturdy construction for durability of the grill
  • Cast iron grates for evenly heat distribution
  • 2 massive sturdy wheels for comfortable mobility
  • Some customers complain over poor quality of the handle

Why Should You Buy This?

Buying weber performers is way better than other kettle grills due to the comfort level you achieve using this particular one. Moreover, the user-friendly application and easy to dump ashes make the grill perfect for those who want to start up charcoal grilling. Hence buying a weber performer charcoal grill can be a decent investment under $300.

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5. Royal Gourmet CC1830F

Best SellerRoyal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

Our last pick comes from Royal Gourmet’s one of the best seller charcoal grill with over 4-star rating on Amazon.

The amazing thing about their CC1830F model is that you can turn the grill into a Texas-style offset smoker for traditional and delicate outcomes.

Important features you need to know:

The porcelain wire cooking grates provide 800 sq. inches of ample room to meet the requirements of clan gatherings.

Space is divided into two cooking chambers, primary grate and warming rack. You can toast buns and grill vegetables using a warming rack.

Besides this, porcelain coating over the grates retains the heat inside the grill and ensures you evenly cook for perfect outcomes.

It does not end here! Porcelain just like stainless steel prevents the grill’s interior from rust and corrosion.

The built-in lid thermometer gives you quick access to temperature readout. Hence, using the display you can adjust the vents to achieve the desired temperature as per recipe requirements.

The internal temperature unit is equipped with a heat gage installed inside the hood to give great control over the heat.

Moreover, adjustable fire grates can be moved up and down to attain the perfect temperature requirements. 

The 2 in 1 venting system helps in taming the fire to sustain the heat requirements.

Two side shelves along with a storage rack below the grills are more than enough to place sausages, accessories, and water bottles to down the sudden flare-ups. You can store sacks of coal using the sturdy rack just below the grill.

To make its best portable grill, Gourmet’s offset is especially designed with durable wheels to ensure fast and secure transportation.

The two side handles not only give you a comfortable grip during mobility, they prevent your hands from getting intense heat smoke.

Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker (1)
  • 800 sq. inches of ample cooking space Robust construction to ensure durability
  • Robust construction to ensures durability
  • 2 in 1 Venting system to control inside heat
  • Sturdy bottom along with robust wheels for mobility
  • The quality of the pain is not good

Why Should You Buy This?

Gourmet is a grill that can fulfill the grilling requirements of a mid-sized household. Besides this, you don’t need to worry about the durability of the grill as the sturdy construction of porcelain is going to last you for ages. If you love grilling outside the Gourmet go anywhere grill can be a suitable decent investment under your required price tag.

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Final Observation

Buying a charcoal grill under $300 seems hefty and time-consuming activity for some of us. Hence, we end up picking grills that completely waste our money and energy.

To avoid such conditions, make sure that the grill you are picking up fulfills the criteria of your grilling style. If it still seems confusing you can better go with weber master- touch charcoal grill.

Char-griller’s kamado grill is great if you want to have the utmost results with less using charcoals. But it comes with limited cooking space.

For those who want their grills should serve large gatherings and BBQ parties then we have Char-Grillers outlaw charcoal grill with a massive cooking space of 1063 sq. inches you serve you in big BBQ gatherings.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Charcoal Grill under $300

Charcoal grills are the best option to quench the BBQ thirst of seasonal enthusiasts. The only hurdle that comes in a way is a quality grill under a reasonable price tag.

The question is what aspects should be considered while choosing the perfect grill. This buying guide of the best charcoal grill under 300 would shed light on all aspects of the charcoal grill so that you can make a sophisticated and long-lasting investment.

Size of the grill:

The size of the grill comes first in line when you are ready to invest money. Charcoal grills under 300 feature sufficient cooking areas to meet the requirements of large households.

Yet we would suggest you determine your requirements before pouring money. If the size of the grill is more than your requirements then buying one is nothing but a waste of money.

Spacious grills in charcoal lines should have 2 or more racks. The size in charcoal grills is measured in squared inches. Hence, the grill featuring a cooking area between 350 to 400 square inches is more than enough to meet the needs of a mid-sized family.

Built in material:

The material used in the construction of the grill influences several things like durability, retention, temperature control and cooking turn out. Thereby, give it a little consideration especially if you want your grill to last you for years. Hence, to make it long last one make sure the grate is built using industrial grade cast iron.

The grates constructed using cast iron can retain the heat better than any other material. Besides this, if you want perfect caramelized searing result on your steak then choose the grill having cast-iron grates.


Some would argue over hassling clean-up of charcoal. That’s absolutely true! Charcoal grills are a little harder to clean due to the ashes they produce inside. The latest designs are sufficiently modified and installed with an ash damping system.

This system ensures a hassle-free cleaning process after each use. Make sure that the grill you have picked should be equipped with a perfect ash damping system.


Charcoal grills are the best suitable option for outdoor grilling. Almost all grills mentioned here have sufficient portable features for hassle-free mobility. Yet make sure that your grill should have 3 casters/wheels and comfortable side handles.

The weight of the grill impacts its transportation. The grill you are picking should be lightly weighted so that you can take it anywhere you want.

Temperature control:

The temperature gauge is essential to keep an eye over the inside temperature. Unfortunately, the grills out there hardly feature temperature controls in their systems. If you find one with temperature readout features grab it.

If you are a beginner and looking for a charcoal grill to give you a smooth and easy start-up, then you must go for a grill that features a temperature gauge.

Heat control:

While purchasing a grill look for one that has a proper ventilation system. To have full control overheat you need a properly ventilated grill. Some grills come with an air damping system installed at the bottom of the grill.

Air dampers allow oxygen inside the grill to increase temperature. To control the temperature grill should have vents on the lid. More than 1 vent is preferable especially if the size of the grill is bigger than normal.

For perfectly smoked and delicate results your grill should be better equipped with a heat control system.


Charcoal grills are considered cheap compared to gas and electric grills. That’s true, a budget around 300 is more than enough to grab a good quality durable grill coming with all possible features that any enthusiast wants to have.

If the mentioned amount is out of your budgeting then you don’t need to worry, you can check out the best charcoal grills under $200.


Charcoal grills are known as durable and long-lasting units, for sure they are, but there is a thing known as error. Make sure to have at least 1 year claimed warranty period.

This is because If the grill you have invested comes with manufacturing error you can claim it without getting into trouble.

Customer service:

We have seen customers complaining about poor customer services. Choose a brand with positive customer service reviews. Especially if you are purchasing online customer service has more to do.

Imagine if the shipment reached with missing parts or denting, a brand with good customer service would resolve the issue ASAP.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question(s)

What is the best charcoal grill under 300

You can find reliable grills under this price tag. But most importantly, you should have a proper understanding of your requirements to make your investment a successful and long-lasting one. Once you have examined your needs, you can pick one from reliable grilling brands. If you want kettle shaped then weber Master- touch and Weber performer both have long-lasting construction along with high tech features that you would hardly have under such a reasonable price tag.

For those who love grilling with barrel-shaped or just want to have excellent results using a barrel, then Char Griller’s outlaw charcoal grill is one of the best charcoal grills under $300.

What aspect should be given consideration while picking up a charcoal grill

There are several aspects that need your consideration before making a choice. First of all, make sure that the unit you have chosen features of space to meet your family requirement. Do not waste your money on picking up a spacious unit more than your cooking requirements. Another important thing is the ventilation system. Your charcoal grill should have vents on the lid and air damping system to control the inside temperature.

The material used ingrates and entire construction should be industrial grade to ensure durability. If the grill has cast-iron grates and a built-in lid thermometer, give it preferences over others.

Why should I prefer charcoal over gas type

 Charcoal and gas both have their own pros and cons. Hence, preferring one over the other is not the duty of a third party like us. We may just elaborate on the possibilities and this is you who have the right to make decisions for yourself. Charcoal is safe compared to gas grilling. As per NFPA’s latest report, most of the incidents happen due to the gas grills. This is because gas inquires you proper attention. If you consider yourself responsible you can better use gas without any difficulty.

Maintaining the inside temperature can be a bit challenging in charcoal compared to gas. Hence, buying gas would no longer bother you in maintaining the inside temperature.

What should I use to start the charcoal chimney

some use any flammable fluid to light up the chimney for charcoal. But this sometimes causes fire burns. Hence to avoid any situation always go for recommended charcoal fluids. Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter is the best starter for charcoal grills. If you don’t own such, you can simply use paper or even newspaper as a starter fluid. We admit that it would be way time taking but it is NFCA recommend to ensure you safe and secure grilling.

How do we need to maintain the inside temperature of the charcoal grill

To maintain the grill temperature, charcoal grills come with vents and air damping systems. The air damping systems intake the outside air to tame the fire. The Taming of fire increases the temperature. You can with the help of an air damping system reach the utmost temperature. If the inside heat is more than your requirement you can slide vents over the lid to release the heat. keep monitoring the reading over the thermometer for perfect results. Another option is a digital or wireless meat thermometer. If you are grilling something special like steak so you can inspect the meat temperature until it’s done.

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